Monday, October 14, 2013

Uma experiência muito legal!!

Hello my family!! I am so jealous that you went to France first of all!!!! Thats crazy that you al went! You all look so happy Im glad! Carson you look so old already!!! Its weird!! But Im glad you are all having fun! I would love to have gone with you but Im grateful to be here serving the Lord! So this week was awesome and I had a really cool experience happen this week that I would like to share with you!

But first, an update on the work here in Capão do Leão! So, me and Elder Galdino have really been trying to show the Lord that we are righteous missionaries and that the Lord can trust us with his children. So, we worked extra hard this week and found a few families that are awesome!! I am excited to start teaching them because they are humble and ready to learn! Right now, Niara e Aurici are progressing and doing so well! We really gained a friendship with them and there is a possibility that they will be baptized soon! But yeah, for right now that is the highlights!

But this week I think I felt the Spirit the most strongly while teaching this week then any other week all of my mission! I have really been working on strengthening my own testimony to help others. So this week during my studies, I had a doubt about a little bit of doctrine! So I studied it a little deeper and found an answer, but I prayed that the Lord would help me share what I learned with somebody. So we went to the house of Andrei that day to teach him and his mom, Lanice. Andrei was baptized a year ago and his mom isnt a member but loves to visit the church. Anyways we started teaching them and I seriously had a moment where I didnt need to think about what to say or what I should ask, I just talked. It was almost a little weird because even she asked questions that I normally would have to think about, but I just talked and the answer came out of me!! It was awesome!! And after the lesson, Andrei stayed with us and Lanice had to get ready for work... and Andrei asked THE SAME EXACT DOUBT that I had that morning! Word for word!! Exactly the same!! It was awesome!! I felt so good because without having to think, I had the answer and helped him understand!! It was so awesome and after, I cant describe the feeling the I had after!! It was such an amazing awesome cool feeling!! Haha so awesome!!

Oh and this week we did a service project... at this guys house... that has............ 200 dogs........ Jonathan remember when you said someday I would herd chiuahuas? I thought of that exactly when I saw this guy. We helped hime pick up the poo... of 200 dogs.... that was um.... fun....... cough cough........

But yeah that was so awesome! I love all the pictures that you are sending! And oh I have some bad news... this week I was putting on my pants and I looked behind me, and my pants had a hole. so I looked at my other pants... It had another hole... and all of my others... holy as well... pun intended.... anyways the fact is that all of my pants have holes. Some big some small... If you could, could you put some money in my account to buy some new pants here? Thank you!! And if you didnt know what to get me for christmas... maybe a small Portugues hymbook? I love you all! Thank you so much for everything!! I love you all!!!

Semana da conferência geral!

Hello my family how are you all doing! This week was a great week! So first of all how awesome was conference?! It was so awesome! I felt like every message was so inspired and I loved it! Also it was really cool to hear in Portugese the talk from Richard G Scott! He speaks Português and so he recorded the talk in Português! My favorite talk was President Uchtdorf´s talk on the first session. I loved it so much! I think it was maybe one of my favortie talks of all time! So good! I really have a testimony so strong about the prophets! Also I really liked the talk from Adrian Ochoa too! It was really good! I loved when he reinforced that we could always strengthen our testimonys through prayer and study of the scriptures. I think everybody has doubts at one time or another, but those two things have helped me alot, especially here on the misison. I feel like alot of talks this conference were towards people who have doubts, and it was awesome to hear the words of the prophets of what we should do. 

Anyways so I felt so awesome after the conference! On the Saturday sesison, Aurici, our almost deaf friend, went to the conference! We were fariad that he wouldnt be able to hear, and we tried to find ways to help him but we couldnt find anything! I said a prayer that he would be able to hear, and he heard!! It was so cool because I can tell when he can hear and when he cant by his facial expresisons but he looked like he was hearing everything! He said that he heard almost everything too! It was awesome, I think he liked it alot! Him and his wife Niara are doing so well and I think they will be baptized next saturday! I hope so! Niara is so ready! Aurici is a little less sprepared, but we are going to help him the best we can!

So other then that nothing really new happened this week! We did a billion contacts trying to find more people to teach, and we found a few that lookd like they have potential! I hope we can help them! I love watching how happy people can become through the gospel! 

Anddddd sadly, the bishop decided to shut the group down... Not because of us, because we are doing our best to find more people to teach, to strengethen the members and all that, but the members arent doing anything to help the group, so he is going to close the group for a while until the members start to get more involved! Im pretty sad, but I think it will be better for everybody. So next Sunday will be the first Sunday in months that I will have sacrament meeting in the chapel in Jardim!

Anyways, I love you all! I hope you are well and have a great week! Im so grateful to have a family like you all! Thanks for all you do! Have a great week!