Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19th, 2014

Hello everybody I am glad to hear that everything is well, and I miss you guys so much! Connor, I am sorry to hear about the loss of the state championship, but its so awesome that you got so far! Seriously dude thats so cool, and I am so proud of you. Jonathan,good luck in Nashville, I am very proud of you too, thats so awesome. I am waiting for the day I hear your music in the Brasil! Haha and Carson... delinquent... chewing gum at school! Rebel... haha IM kidding.
So this week... was crazy... absolutely crazy. We have been working a ton and whatnot and praying for help from the Lord and he has been giving it to us. The coolest thing that happened this week was that we were walking down the road late at night, and say some people, and we went to talk to them, and they were nice. and we expalined about the restoration and everything on the road. But they werent interested.... but little did we know that there was a man listening to us while we were talking to the other people. After wards, he came and said he felt that he neededc to talk to us. He expalined that a long long time ago he had contact with the missionaries, and they left such a big imapct on his life that he named his son after an american, Bradley Johnson. But he explained that his wife passed away last month and that he knew we could help. His name is Adão, and he is so awesome. We visited him last night and he made us pizza and talked with us, and we just listened becauwse I think that is really what he was needing, somebody to talk to. But it was so sad, because he showed us pictures of his wife,and started getting teary eyed... and I couldnt help but do the same... But I really am excited to help him.

Yesterday too, something crazyyyy happened... Luis, that man who has been visiting the church knows alot of people, and loves giving referalls to us, and so in church he told us he knew a family that was needing help. But not just us, he told half the branch! so us and other members went to visit this family after church. And it was crazy. The family was very afflicted... and mess with spirits and stuff like that... We went and taught, and the mom started yelling... and then fell on the floor. I went and gave her a blessing, cast out whatever was inside her... and she got better in the instant. I am so grateful for the Priesthood, and this really strengthened my testimony of the Priesthood! But it was crazy... 

But other than that the week was awesome! This week I made tacos for Danilo and Milene, and they like them haha. They are doing great, and just waiting waiting waiting!

But that was my week, it was awesome! I love being able to serve the Lord. I hoppe everything is well back at home, and I love all of you! Have a great week, my family, I love you all so much!

May 12th, 2014

Hello my wonderful family, so first of all it was so much fun to see all of you yesteday and to talk to you! I miss you guys so much, but am glad you are all doing well. I am so lucky to have a supportive family like you guys! Mom, I hope your day was good, I hope you had a great Mothers Day!!! I love you mom! Its crazy that when I talk to you guys again, I will be almost home! Thats pretty crazy... But yeah!

So thisa week was a great week of work, and we have been really really working so hard!! This week we have found alot of people to teach, but the problem is that many of them told us that they didnt want to keep meeting with us and stuff, which is always kind of sad, but its okay because I know that we will have sucess if we keep working our hardest!

Today is transfer day, but Elder Moraes and I will stay here in Canguçu together for at least one more transfer! Im pretty excited because this means that I will be able to be at the baptism of Danilo and Milene!!! I was kinda worried that I would be here to see it, but for sure I will be now! Im so excited, we are going to start the planning process for the wedding/baptism, and it will be so much fun:) Im very excited. They are doing great by the way, this week we had another family night with them, and they are just so excited!!

So Isabel came to church again yesterday and I think she liked it, but the problem is that its hard for her to change from the Anglican church, which is big and beautiful, for a churhc that is small with just a few members in this area. I think its just kinda hard for her to make the adjustment, but I think that she will end up wanting to be baptized eventually, but she just might take a little bit longer. She loves to garden, and so we talked with her this week about Alma 32 that talks about faith like a seed, and I think she liked it alot!

About Luis, that man that bore his testimony Last Sunday, we went to his house on Thursday, and we walked in and he invited 3 friends to listen to our message with us, which was cool, but we didnt get a chance to talk to him very much like we wanted! I think he is worried about baptism, even though he believes its true. I think he has a hard time with the concept of baptism, but we are going to help him.

And other then that, it was a great week! I miss you all but, I am doing the Lords work and so that is what is important! This week the water for the whole city turned off, and so we had to get buckets and go to a natural spring to get water. To take a shower we had to heat up the water on the stove, and then pour the water over us... it was funny. But yeah, and the pictures are when we were looking for the natural spring... haha I love you all! Have a great week!!

May 5th, 2014

Hello everybody! I hope you are all doing well! This week in Canguçu was great and full of hard work! I am so so so excited to talk to you all next wek! I am going to need the information to call again like the log in and whatnot! But yeah I am very excited! I think I will probably call around 3 or 4 o clock my time, but Im not sure yet! I need to find somewhere that I can call!

But so something really cool that happened this week was that awesomeeee! We started the marriage process for Danilo and Milene!!! So here in Brasil the process for marriage is very hard, and after starting the process, we have to wait 30 days. And its pretty expensive too. But President Castro is a judge and made a form that allows people to get married for free, and so on Wednesday we went there and presented the form! Andddd the people in the office didnt want to accept the form and whatnot, and then tried to make the process so complicated and whatnot, and so yeha we ended up leaving prettyy dissapointed because we didnt manage to. And then I had the thought.... why dont I just offer to pay!.... And so we went in and I decided to offer to pay the price. The lady that was helping us completely changed. She went from a stubborn governement worker, to a sweet old lady that tried to help us do everything. And in the end, even though we didnt get the wedding for free, she ended up giving us a hugeeeeee discount and made it 50 reais, which is like 22 dollars, which I split with Elder Moraes to pay! SO it was soooooooooooo cool! And they will officially be married on the 30th of May, which will also be their baptism date!

Me and Elder Moraes have been working super hard to find more people to teach and we have found some people, but I have the feeling that alot of them just let us in to be nice and not because they are interested. But I believe that because of our efforts the Lord will bless us. In fact yesterday one of these blessings came yesterday with a man named Luis. He has visited the church a few times because a member invited him, and he liked it, he just never wanted to have the missionaries visit him. But yesterday I was teaching Gospel principles, and he was paygin extra attention, and then in sacrament meeting (which is the last hour instead of the first here in Brasil) and he shared his testimony that he feels like its all true. And then HE invited us to meet with him on thursday this week! How cool huh?

But yeah so that was pretty much it for this week! We are working hard, and Elder Moraes is learning great. He is a great misisonary and works hard and is always so enthusiastic! But yeah, I love you and cant wait to talk to you on Mothers Day! Have a great week everybody!!! And in this picture, its me and a member named Gilnei with the churrasco that he made us!!!! It was so good... :)

ps! Connor... that picture is so funny hahahahaha