Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 12th, 2014

Hello my wonderful family, so first of all it was so much fun to see all of you yesteday and to talk to you! I miss you guys so much, but am glad you are all doing well. I am so lucky to have a supportive family like you guys! Mom, I hope your day was good, I hope you had a great Mothers Day!!! I love you mom! Its crazy that when I talk to you guys again, I will be almost home! Thats pretty crazy... But yeah!

So thisa week was a great week of work, and we have been really really working so hard!! This week we have found alot of people to teach, but the problem is that many of them told us that they didnt want to keep meeting with us and stuff, which is always kind of sad, but its okay because I know that we will have sucess if we keep working our hardest!

Today is transfer day, but Elder Moraes and I will stay here in Canguçu together for at least one more transfer! Im pretty excited because this means that I will be able to be at the baptism of Danilo and Milene!!! I was kinda worried that I would be here to see it, but for sure I will be now! Im so excited, we are going to start the planning process for the wedding/baptism, and it will be so much fun:) Im very excited. They are doing great by the way, this week we had another family night with them, and they are just so excited!!

So Isabel came to church again yesterday and I think she liked it, but the problem is that its hard for her to change from the Anglican church, which is big and beautiful, for a churhc that is small with just a few members in this area. I think its just kinda hard for her to make the adjustment, but I think that she will end up wanting to be baptized eventually, but she just might take a little bit longer. She loves to garden, and so we talked with her this week about Alma 32 that talks about faith like a seed, and I think she liked it alot!

About Luis, that man that bore his testimony Last Sunday, we went to his house on Thursday, and we walked in and he invited 3 friends to listen to our message with us, which was cool, but we didnt get a chance to talk to him very much like we wanted! I think he is worried about baptism, even though he believes its true. I think he has a hard time with the concept of baptism, but we are going to help him.

And other then that, it was a great week! I miss you all but, I am doing the Lords work and so that is what is important! This week the water for the whole city turned off, and so we had to get buckets and go to a natural spring to get water. To take a shower we had to heat up the water on the stove, and then pour the water over us... it was funny. But yeah, and the pictures are when we were looking for the natural spring... haha I love you all! Have a great week!!

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