Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Tudo Bem minha familia!
Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well! I miss you so much! So not much new happened this week, just learning Portuguese and reading the scriptures and whatnot! I am so excited to go to Brazil though! About the Visa, I dont know whether I will get reassigned or not. For a while almost every Brazillian missionary was getting reassigned, but one of the districts here just got theres and arent being reassinged! I guess its been a while since that happened! 
Thank you so so so so so so much for the package! It made me so happy to see all the stuff you guys sent me! That is so funny about Scout eating my Jerky... that rascal1 And where did you get that autograph of Mike Piazza?! That is so cool! That is so cool!
In Portuguese I just taught myself how to speak past tense, and now I feel like I can say so much! Its crazy how fast you pick up the language in the MTC! The only thing is my Spanish sometimes gets in the way of my Portuguese and so when  Im speaking ill use the Spanish grammer instead of Portuguses. its a little frustrating, but it isn't too bad!
I hope everything is going well back home! Joanthan, one of the missionaries you served with is a teacher here and I saw him the other day! I dont remember his name but it wasnt familiar so Im guessing he must have just been like in your room or something!
Tommorrow we get two new roomates in my room for a grand total of six, yeah that wont be too fun. Me and my companions who I love are going to play a trick on them though... We are going to take on different personas! Elder Fairchild is going to be like short tempered and have anger issues, Elder Wilkenson is going to be a clean freak, and Elder Jarvis is going to be a pushover district leader, and I am going to be gross and like leave my stuff everywhere and make messes for Elder Wilkonson to clean up! This is going to be so funny!
But the Spirirt is very strong up here, I love how easy it is to feel promptings while I'm up here. Last weak, Elder Auidokaitis of the seventy came to speak and he is actually from Porto Alegre! It was a great talk! There is another one tonight, but I dont know who is giving it! I understand what it means to be tired up here though. Seriously from 6:30 to 9:30 every second of the day is planned out and it is exhausting! But, I am working hard despite how hard the work is. I hope you guys are doing well, I really love hearing from you guys! I seriously get so excited when I get mail haha! Speaking of the Uncle Paul sent me a Dear Elder and it was so nice of him to think of me!
Anyways, thats how Im doin! Not much new but I hope you guys are all doing well back home! I miss you all so much but I know Im here for the right reason! I love you! And Jonathan, do you think you can get me Brendon's email so I can add him to the list? He asked if I could so he could keep my friends at Jamba updated! Thank you! P.S. Sorry my emails are all over the place and the typing is bad... the computers are timed and I have a hard time typing... Love you!
-Elder Hoopes

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