Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Oi familia tudo bem?!
So today has been a great week here at the MTC! Its still just kinda the same ol routine with everything but its crazy that half of my time here is already gone! Only three more weeks and then i will get to Brazil (hopefully)!!!! Update with the whole visa thing, they had my whole district come into the travel office and sign a sheet for like a Provo police letter and an American indian letter thing or something, which I guess they just started requiring at the beginning of the year, which means they are processing it and the guy said they should be pretty close to done. The whole thing is ridiculous though, there was a missionary who put his visa in like Decemeber and he already has his, but nobody in my district has theirs. So I guess we just have to wait and see!

 Sorry I accidently just sent that part but I wasn't done! Um me and Jarvis are getting along very well! He is a great guy and I am super lucky! We ended up not getting new missionaries in our room last week (Hallelujah!) But other then that things are alright here! I am doing pretty well in Portuguese! I know all three past tenses and one of the future tenses! Im getting pretty good, but I need to work on my accent becasue I sound too Spanish. When I speak I sound like a mexican speaking Portuguese, but real Brazililan portuguese, at least my dialect, is super Italian/french sounding! Super cool! Two German missionaries were talking to us yesterday and not gonna lie, their language sounds so goofy! Potuguese sounds legit!!!
Im eating super healthy here too! Like salads and fruit everyday and then everyday I work out at the gym they have here! Its actually not too bad!
Nothing really is happening up here though, its like day after day of the same thing, but it works becasue I feel like I can speak Portuguese better then Spanish now! My biggest problem at the beginning was speaking Spanish words before I spoke the Portuguese ones, but now I speak Portuguese more and can barely remember Spanish! One thing that drives me nuts though is that in Spanish, "but" is "pero" but in Portuguese its "mas" and so when I am teaching our fake investigators I always say "pero" and they always give me a weird look... But I am picking it up surprisingly fast! In spanish I never could understand past tenses, but I picked them up so fast here! Its pretty cool!
But anywasy I miss all of you guys! Im so jealous that you went to Puerto Rico! It sounds like you guys had alot of fun! Brazil is still cooler... How's taco doing? And Scout? I miss those pooches so much! Im so excited for the day I come home and Taco goes nuts!!!! I miss all of you guys but what Im doing is the right thing! Also, Connor!!! MEMORIZE SCRIPTURE MASTERY! All my district things I'm so smart with the scriptures becasue I know all of them. It helps SO much! So take it seriosly in Seminary!
Yeah but I just got my haircut and about to go do laundry... Ah the joys of P-Day... I love you guys so much! Eu espero voces estao bem!
- Elder Hunter Hoopes!

"I was reading in the scriptures and when it said utter destruction... the cow picture came in my mind. Hahaha"

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