Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sorry, I am terrible with computers! Anyways! Yes I am the new district leader!! Pretty cool huh?! They change it up after a few weeks in the MTC so Jarivs was released and I am the new DL! I feel like so official now! So, that is pretty cool! Also, it snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can probably tell from the pictures that I sent it snowed here and it was so fun! I have never seen it snow that much I was like freaking out! So that was also really really cool! I loved the snow so much! I also found out that it might snow in Porto Alegre and it is the only place in Brazil where it snows every once in a while! I am so excited, I taught TRC (which is when you teach native brazillians that are already members to practice) and they all said that Porto Alegre is beautiful and definately has the best food! Yay!!!! I am so sick of the food here... Seriously its either a burger or a salad so I go with the Salad!

But, still no visa yet, so i will get my reassignment next wednesday! I think they might let me call home when I get it, but that might be just a rumor! I just want to get out in the field and teach whether its in Brazil or not! My Portugues is getting a little better! Sometimes in my journal I will accidently write the Portugues words instead of the English words on accident! Carson! Parabem para beisbol! Isso e muito otimo!!!! Eu gosto as picturas! You rock buddy! I loved getting your letter! And that was a very good self portrait you drew on the back! Hahahah!

I hope Connors volleyball tournament went well! That is so exciting! It sounds like there is alot of cool things going on at the house! I miss you guys so much its ridiculous! So this Sunday is a general authority sacrament meeting so everybody is going to be meeting together with a general authority, porbabaly one of the apostles! Im so excited! I am going to use my district leadery powers and try to sign our district up to pass the sacrament so I might have the chance to pass to a general authority! We will see!

Also!!! I finished the Book of Mormon today! I started reading it from the beginning the first day of the MTC and I just finished today while I was at the temple! Oh my gosh, it was one of the most powerful experiences, ever. I finished it and like felt absolutely amazing I can't even describe the feeling! So cool! So now I am on to the New Testament and I'm going to try to finish that by the time I leave here!

We are starting new Progressing investigators (our teachers acting like investigators and never breaking character) and so I am excited for that! I can officaially teach a whole licao em Portugues without any notes or anything! Its pretty cool! Its funny becasue I can teach about almost any gospel lesson, but if I had to buy something at the store in Brazil I wouldn't know where to start! So, thats what i'm working on this week is non gospel talking! Its is going to be pretty fun!

I also love my district! We pulled an awesome prank on Elder Wilkinson yesterday! He always is worrying and talking about visas and so I walked in and said Elder Harris and Lydikson needed to go get theirs form the zone leaders and he was like flipping out!! Hahaha I love them.We know how to have fun, but we do a great job of working hard I think!

Anyways thats whats happening here! I hope everything is going well back home! Love you all!!!!

-Elder Hoopes

Elder Hoopes in the snow!

New haircut!


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