Monday, May 27, 2013

Otímo Semana no Brasil!

Well, I surviverd my first full week in Brazil and some really cool stuff happened! But before I get to that, Carson!!! Congratulations for getting the crystal apple! Thats legit! I got that too you know... haha! And thats so cool that Connor got a drivers license... dont die. And mom, I am good with stuff that I have here, I dont need much. I only have one jacket, the black one that I have been wearing, the grey one is a member of the wards jacket that he let me borrow until I bought my own!
Anyways, about my week, it has been really good! I have gotten to the point where I can understand almost everythring when people talk about gospel topics! My accent is still terrible, and everybody knows that I am a gringo, but Im learning! At the begginning of this traqnsfer me and Elder Menezes actually oipened up this area that Im in and so we do alot of street contacting and everybody sayssssss their interested, and then we look for their adress and it doesnt exist... haha so we do alot of walking!
Another thing that happened this week is we were running to catch the bus and I totally tripped and fell in front of a ton of people, and the side of my pants ripped so, that was exciting!
 Haha, but one realllllly awesome thing that happened this week. We were going to visit a woman named Veronica and her daughter and we started teaching and she kept looking at my saying words that I didnt understand at all. Well, we taught the lesson, and when we got out of the lesson Elder Menezes explanied to me that she was saying that she recognized me from somewhere. She didnt know where but she had seen me before. Crazy stuff right?! She remembers me from somewhere but I have only been here a few days and never had seen her! I know Brazil is defniately the place I need to be! She wasnt crazy at all either! Completely sane! THEN! The next day we were teaching a super sweet older lady named Geni and as we were leaving (I could understand this time) she said, she recognized me and Elder Menezes as servants of Christ when she saw us! Very cool experience!
We also are building a house! Yes, 4 missionaries are trying to build a house... asnd it is actually going really well. The bishop and first counselor help with the plumbing, but the rest is pretty much up to us! We are building it for this family that is a little bit in need. Thennn we found out that another family needs help building a house, so we are going to help them too! I am goiung to be a legit house builder! Haha
But thats all for now! I will send pictures next week, I dont really have a ton from this week that are super good, and it takes alot of time, so I will send alot more next week! I love you all! Have a great week!

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