Monday, June 3, 2013

Um outro semana no melhor lugar no mundo!

Oi minha familia! Como tu tais? Well well well it has been another otimo week here in Brasil! I love getting emails and whatnot from all you guys! How are things at home? Connor I was very happy to get aqn email from you becasue I havent heard anything from you since I have been out here! And I loved getting that video of Taco! I miss that snout... And dad! Thats so awesome you are reading the Book of Mormon in Portugeus! Wait till I get home to here the pronunciation. Trust me, its not what you think! Its very strange... And mom sorry for not answering all of your questions! Its hard to remember all of them so I try to answer as much as I can! Im sorry!
Anyways this week in Brasil was pretty cool! Finally I can comfortably talk to people about Gospel topics and In can understand most people. Some people have really weird accents... and I cant understand at all... But my Portugues is coming little by little. Anyways one really cool thing that happened this week! We were teaching this man named Oscár and he is like this super friendly old guy! But, he is like a legit gaucho and speaks ancient portugues and so he is hard to understand sometimes. Anyways he was having a difficult time understanding tithing, and I really prayed for the Spirit to help me during that lesson because he is one of my favorite people here and I can tell he is sincerely searching for the truth. Anyways I prayed and during the lesson I could understand everything he said! I like conversed with him and I even shared a stroy using past tense which is probably the hardest thing for me to speak! The Spirit was so strong and we resovled his concerns! It was just so awesome to recieve that literal help from the Spirit!
Last night we had a devotional and all the missionaries in 3 stakes, like 45 misisonaries sang for the stake and it was way cool! The spirit was really strong and I felt so proud to be a missionary! The members here love the missionaries becasue the church is so new in Brazil so almost everybody remembers the missionaries that taught them and so many people were very emotional. I hope people remember me the same way!
But yeah thats about it for now! Today I am going to Porto Alegre to get legalized. We found out the other day I was missing a very important document to keep me from being deported haha. When I arrived in Porto Alegre I was supoosed to see the Police but the assistants forgot to take us ther! (Kinda important! How do you forget?!) So I get to ride a bus for 4 hours! Yay! haha not really!
Oh PS... if you were to send me a package eventually... could it have peanut butter? Peanut Butter does not exist in Brasil... 


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