Monday, June 17, 2013

Oi minha familia! Belleza!

Hello my family! How are you all doing! This has been a great week! But first! Jonathan. You played like a legit show. Holy cow that is so so so so so awesome!!! How did you get hooked up with cartel! And Carson you are doing awesome at baseball!! Man I have cool brothers. DAD! Happy fathers day! Feliz dia dos Pais! I hope it was a great day for you! 

Anyways, big news! So Oscar, one of my favorite people here stopped smoking!!!! So he is the nicest guy ever, and whenever we go over he likes to give us food, but he used to smoke, alot! But we gave him a blessing and told him we would help him stop and he was able to stop! He decided he wants to be baptized this Saturday!!! How awesome is that!! Haha he is so awesome I am so happy we helped him, because he has been trying to stop smoking for years! So awesome how the gospel can help people so much!

Also! This Sunday was ward conference and there was a choir for the youth, and so I played the organ for the meeting haha... Surprisingly it went really well! I asked for a special blessing to help me remember how to play piano and   I didnt play flawless, but I played better then I could have on my own. Way cool!

My Portugues is gradually improving! But, everybody thinks that I am from Spain because my accent sounds more Spanish then Portugues... but its better then a United States accent I guess! 

So next week we are officailly starting a group in Capao do Leao!! It will be in a school called Castelo Branco, and I think each week we will have like 20 people there! It should be cool!! The ward im in right now started in a school too, so in a few years I hope there is a ward in Capao do Leao!

One thing that I love seeing is how every person that gives the book of mormon a chance, or prays about if what we say is true, always knows that it is. The only reason people dont progress is because they arent giving it a chance. Its amazing the difference that praying and reading can make in peoples lives. Yesterday we were teaching a lady, and she refused to pray and ask if what we said is true. I think alot of times people are afraid that it is true and they will have to change, otherwise they wouldnt be afraid to pray and ask. But in all honestly, Ive seen that people become happier when they try to change for the Lord. It at times is hard, for example it was very hard for Oscar, but he is so happy now and Im so proud of him. I can honeslty feel that he is happier! 

Anyways, thats all for now! I hope you like the photos!! Tchau!


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