Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Esta semana meu guris!!!

Well this has been a very awesome week here in Capão do leão!!! First off, Dad that is so awesome that you are volunteering at the temple that is such an awesome thing!! I miss the temple alot actually becasue I havent been able to go here! But that is so awesome!!! I love hearing all the things that aare going on at home, even if I dont respond to all the things that are going on! 

Last night we had that awesome training meeting and it made me feel so honored to be a missionary! Things are changing alot, but I dont think that we will use facebook or email because we dont have very many computers here. But, I heard some missions in the United States have Ipads!!! What?! But it was so awesome!

To answer your question, yes there were alot of riots this last week because the world cup will be here in Brazil, and the government is spending a ton of money on it, but Brazil has like no schools and hospitals. So in all the big cities they had manifestições and burned buses and whatnot. Luckily Capão do Leão isnt a big city, but there was one in Pelotas that is super close to us. We are safe though dont worry:) I think for the most part they are over. 

So this week we started our Group in Capão do Leão! Ah it was amazing! Half the people there were from the regular ward because they wanted to come see what it was like, but it was awesome! I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting and it was really good! I wrote it all out and had Elder Menezes correct my Português before I gave it! And, I am officially the pianist for our group! I decided I want to practice and relearn Piano! So far so good!

So Oscar ended up not being baptized this Saturday, he smoked but we set a new goal for him and are working with him because I think that he really wants to do this. We met this awesome couple named Zaida and Madruga, and they are this older couple that I love! Ha they really want to do whatws right, and they are willing to test out what we say to see if its true! They are so cool! They came to the group yesterday and they liked it alot!

Oh yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this little dog thought he was so cool and decided to come up and pee on my shoe!!!!! But we were talking with somebody so I acted like I didnt notice becasue they didnt notice!! Ah I was not happy with that cachorro. 

Carson I got your letter!!! Thanks so much for sending it! The pictures were funny!! I tried for like 20 minutes on the bus to figure out your maze and I couldnt!! Urgggg!

I love you all so much, Im glad to here you are doing well! I love you all so much! 

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