Monday, June 10, 2013

This week in Brasil!!!!

Well this has been an awesome week here! Tons of good things happened! But first of all, Happy Birthday Connor! Looks like you had a ton of fun in Houston! And Jonathan!!! How sick you are opening up for Cartel! Thats pretty awesome! You are goping to be big when I get home haha! Oh PS this keyboard I am using is terrible and so sorry if there is alot of typos... Mom! Im sorry you have been worrying! My pants are okay... I kinda tried to sew them together... And lets be honest they dont look tooooo good, but they work and I still wear them! Dad! That is so scary about the rattlesnake but I am glad you guys are okay! Scary! There are no scary snakes or spiders where I live so Im good haha! But yeah!

Sooo! Monday I went to Porto Alegre and got all legalized but didnt get to see the city much, but it was kinda nice to rest for four hours each way on the bus!
But the big awesome thing that happened this week, is I had the opporutunity to baptize a lady named Regiane!!! I cant believe I havent mentioned her yet becasue she is way cool! Here is her story!

So, we met her my first week here on a rainy night and she lives with her mom and brothers in a small house. She has a kid too. Sorry I am really bad at stories... Anyways! There was just kind of a sad feeling in the home and we didnt know why but we taught her family and invited her to church on Sunday. She accepted to come and she loved it, but she was the only one in her family to come! 

The next time we visited her was the same way, just kind of a sad feeling in the home, very quiet and we taught more and I could gradually understand more and more!

It was kind of the same way each time we visited her, and she didnt really seem very enthused to meet with us, until one night we met with her. The night before we talked about how she could recieve an answer to her prayers and when we met with her the next time she had this light in her eyes, and was talking, and we knew she had recieved an answer to her prayers! There was a completely different feeling in the home! She accepted to be baptized, but still was nervous and not 100 percent sure it was right! 

Well the day of her baptism came and she chose me to baptize her which was such an honor! Anyways we were in the font and I could tell she was nervous, but I baptized her and she came out of the water with the biggest smile on her face!! Like smiling so much she was giggling! It was crazy how happy she was and she just had this light in her eyes!

We talked to her a little more Sunday night and there is just a new feeling in her home. We never found out why she seemed sad, but we know that we helped her, whatever it was! Such a miracle!

So that is her story, she is so awesome and the more Portugues I can understand the more awesome she is! Things are going good here though, we are planning on starting a group or maybe a branch in Capao do Leao! 

Cool stuff happening! But yeah thats about it for now! I love you all so much!  
I wll send pictures next week the computer Im on today wont let me... I love you all!

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