Monday, September 9, 2013

A primavera está vindo!!!!

Hello my family!!! I am so happy to hear from you all! This week has been really great! Man I love being a missionary. But first! Connor Ms Grogan is crazy. Talk to Erica about her... haha... but thats so cool you are going to Italy, and so cool that you interact with the missionaries! The members make such a difference in the missionary work! Carson! I hope your back is okay!!! Thats pretty scary stuff right there! And I heard you are crushing the ball! Keep up the good work! They actually reorganized the stake presdency of the Pelotas stake, but I serve in Pelotas North! But yeah! And mom, I dont really need much for Christmas! If I do need anything Ill let you know!

But this week was really good! It was Independence day on Saturday for them and so in Capão there was a huge street party, and so we tried to find people to teach but nobody was home! Haha so not really much you can do there.. but we met this guy named Alan months ago, but he never had time for us to teach him. But we always saw him on the street and talked to him. Anyways on Saturday he was walking and we talked to him and invited him to church, and he went on Sunday! So cool! Its definately the biggest struggle for us, is helping people go to church because everybody says they will, and hardly anybody does!

So yeah that was cool and we will be teaching him pretty soon! Also this week we had a family night with Arlete and Vilmar, and made cookies, substituting the ingredients for gospel this that we need like faith and repentance! They like it a ton, and we talked and talked, and they will be baptized this week for sure! Arlete finally is more excited about being baptized! Vilmar has wanted to be baptized for a long time but Arlete had doubts, but almost miraculously she became excited for the baptism! So Im really excited becasue they will recieve soooo many blessings from the baptism! I love when we get to baptize people becasue I know how much it will help them! Thats all I want for the people here!

But yeah also, if you can keep Ricardo in your prayers. There is a church here that preaches straight up stuff about us that isnt true at all. But Ricardos uncle goes to that church, and this Sunday Ricardo went with his uncle there because he was staying with his uncle for a little bit, and he is pretty confused. Me and Elder Menezes are famous in Capão, becasue since we arrived more and more churches are talking about us.
But yeah so we are famous, but keep Ricardo in your prayers!

But other then that my week has been good! I will send a few pictures here but I hope you all are well!

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