Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello my family!!!

First of all I will clarify the questions! Yes Ricardo was baptized weeks ago, but still had family problems! I sent pictures and everything!! He is the dark skinned boy in the pictures! When I say the school, I mean the Colegio Castelo Branco where we have sacrament meeting! And no Im not sick anymore, I got better, but I was sick for like two weeks. And in those pictures we were at the beach Laranjal on P-Day. Dont worry, we got permission from President Castro to go on Pday. We could only go during the winter because nobody else was there!

Haha sorry for the confusion!! I have trouble writing my emails if you ahvent noticed, Im not much of a writer! Anyways! So Ricardo is doing much better now! He had some family problems, but for right now, all is good. He said that at the end of the year he will move to Porto Alegre to live with his uncle. I think it will be much better for him there! 

So this week we had interviews with President Castro! I love interviews with President! I always feel so good afterwards! And so this week I really tried to work extra hard and really help people with what I teach! Sometimes as misisonaries we get in the routine of the same lessons for every person, but I really tried to teach specifically to what the people need (because now I can speak haha!) It feels so good to teach this way, I feel the spirit alot stronger! 

So we found a couple Niara and Aurici the last week, and they are really awesome! The only problem is that Aurici is almost deaf and so its hard to teach him becaause we have to yell! We really have to rely on the Book of Mormon with him because he can read and doesnt need to hear! 

But this week she prayed to know if the Book of Mormon and the church is true. And so she prayed, and after went outside to hang the close on the closeline, and she looked at the stars. She just looked at the stars and felt a feeling so strong in her heart. She thought, "Is it really possible that I have an answer so quickly?" But when she was telling us about this experience she had teary eyes and I know that she recieved an answer! The spirit was so strong when she was telling the experience! She is progressing and is super awesome! She reminds me alot of Grandma Hoopes actually! She is super sweet!

But yeah! This week I really tried to hard to do what the Lord asked of me and to follow all of the promptimgs of the spirit! This week I decided I wanted to read the Bible completely, and my testimony is getting so strong of the church! I just know it is true! I want the whole world to know it like I know it! So im going to do my part to help others to know it!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! If you wanted... for christmas I think I will need new shoes and pants... but you dont need to if you dont want to!!! I love you all so much! Tell scouty I say congrats for that gross bird she caught hahaha I died laughing when I saw that picture!


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