Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 8th, 2014

Hey everyone so this week was another great week. The weeks are going by so so fast I cant actually believe that its monday again and that I am emailing you all again. This week was great, seriously just great. Like I said we went to the Porto Alegre temple on Tuesday and it was one of the beswt experiences I have had in relations to the Spirit. I loved it so much, it really helped me remember the convenants that I have made withthe Lord, and I did a self evaluation to see if I was really fufilling all of the promises I made. It was a great experience!

We ended up getting back to Cachoeira do Sul on Wednesday morning, and we went to work!!! We have so many people who are just progressing so fast! Lizara is one of those people! She is really doing the best she can to find the Lord in her life. Turns out Luis has a little bit of worries about church that we didnt know about before, but that Lizara told us about yesterday. But nothing too big, we are going to help him:) Wanna know something cool? Their son Julio, who has some problems with some heavy drugs, is really trying to change his life!! He went to chruch yesterday, andddd institute on saturday night!! I was so happy! He is really trying to change his life! Its kinda hard to see him, because I can tell when he is feeling the urge to use drugs... BUt he is trying so hard. I talked to the branch President here to see if thee was anything that the church could do to help with treatment er something. I reallly hope we can do something!

Karina is starting to have some doubts sadly. Its sad because I think that somebody is telling her lies about the church and is influencing her. I think that she will be able to overcome the doubts, but I just get sad when people try to influence others for the bad so that they dont do somethgin good with their life. I know its exactly what she needs, and she just needs to accept!

Funny thing, I touched an electric fence this week on accident. My umbrella was flying away actually and I grabbed it but it was touching an electric fence, and when I touched the umbrella it shocked me! It was funny. It hurt, but not too bad:)

I am good, and working hard. I am alwaysss soooo tireddddd, but its just a part of the work! I dont mind! I have gotten used to being tired all the time!

Carson, I am so so so proud of you buddy. That takes some real courage, and I am so proud of you. You rock man.

Anyways I love you all I hope you enjoy the fotos!! The lady with the baby is Lizara!

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