Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 15th, 2014

Hello everybody I hpe you are all doing alright and staying dry in all that rain! Dad that video of the rain is nuts... but I thought it was so funny that Connor was Kayaking... thats such a Connor thing... funny! This week was actually really good (as always) but I have just been so tired! We decided to start running again for the first time in a while, and so on Friday we ran like 4 miles, and I was so sore the rest of the week! Also I bought a journal to write down what I say in my prayers to show how much God really answers my prayers and it is really cool, it is great to see the Lord involved in my life.

The transfer is almost ending and it is crazyyyy! Elder Hiatt will probably be transfered and it will be sad becasue we get along great. The time is just flying by, and the end of the mision is in sight, which is such a weird feeling. Its like a sad/happy feeling at the same time. All of you who have served misisons probably know this feeling well...

Anyways there is some great stuff happeining here in the area! First of all, this week we might have 2 baptisms!!!! The baptism of Karina, and the baptism of Lucas!! So it was awesome because Lucas is so ready to be baptized, but his mom wasnt letting him, and his big sister, that takes care of him alot. But I have been praying so so so so much for him, and then yesterday we talked to his mom... and she sad he can! So we are going to try to do his baptism this friday, because Saturday is a huge holiday (Gaucho independence day). So I am way way excited for him! Yesterday we were waiting outside his house, and when he came out to tell us that he could, he just gave us a big hug!!! It was the best!!!

And then Karina had her baptismal interview last Friday and passes and so everything was ready for her baptism, but then her mom started getting upset that we were visiting her!!! Karina is 19 and so she doesnt neeeed her moms permission, but we didnt feel good about teaching her and baptising her with her mom mad at us. So last night we went and talked to her mom, and I think everything is alright, and so I think we will baptize her this week too if everything works out!

And THEN!!!!! Luis and Lizara will be baptized 27th of September! We had to move back the date a little because Luis didnt get to go to church, but yesterday he came and we were so happy! There are such a great family and I think everything will work out! Anddddd Júlio, their son, is improving alot with his addiction, and is slowly but surely finding his savior. Its the best to see that happening!

I love being a misisonary, its hard sometimes, but the good moements make up for everytihing. I just love being out here, there is nothing better then serving the Lord. I am so grateful to be a servant of the Lord, and that he has allowed me to be her. I am very glad I came.

This Saturday is Gaucho independence day (even though they losttttt their independence like 5 years after the war of independence) and so that means CHURRASCO!!!! I am pretty excited, it should be great!!!

I love you and miss you all, have a great week!

The first one is Lucas, the second one is Luis, and the last one is my in front of a sign that says it is prohibited to put trash there... and of course there is a ton of trash under then sign. I thought it was funny. Hahaha but I love you guys!

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