Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 1st, 2014

Hello everybody so I am very happy to be talking to you again:) This was an awesome week and we are seeing A TON of progress here in Cachoeira! But actually right now I am in Porto Alegre and it is great. I like this city alot!! Tomorrow we have our leaership counsel but something cool is that we called President and asked if we could go to the temple, and tomorrow night me and Elder Hiatt are going to go!!! So I am super excited, I have been missing the temple a ton!!!! I am so excited!

I am glad you have all had a good week! I miss you guys a ton. This week some big things happened. First of all, KARINA WENT TO CHURCH YESTERDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Mna, I just got so so happy when she finally went to church!!! She loved it and I am pretty sure she will kepp on coming, and I jsut got so happy. She is doing great and soon very soon she will be baptized!

Also Luis and Lizara are doing great. They would have gone to church yesterday but... their son uses crack and overdosed Saturday night.... it was pretty rough, they had to stay in the hopsital with him. But we hope that it is a blessing in desguise because hopefully now he can get the treatment that he needs to stop uses drugs. Drugs are such a scary thing. But Luis and Lizara are just awesome and solid, and great people, and they will be baptized on the 19th of september. I really hope everything works out, please keep their family in your prayers.

I am doing great. I love being a zone leader, even though its kinda hard, especially when the zone is going through some difficulties. But Im trying to do the best that I can and help out all the missionaries here.

Um other that that, not too many new things happened this week. Today we went out and ate lunch with President Castro, and that was fun!!! But yeah... Sorry this letter was kinda lame, its kinda just like the same old same old here, but soon, we will start to see some wonderful stuff happening!! I am very ewxcited, I just need to be patient!!

But yeah, I love you all!! Have a great week! Sadly, I dont have my adaptor with me, I forgot it in Cacheoira so I cant send pics this week I am sorry... But next week I will! Amo vocês!

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