Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th, 2014

Hello everyone, so this week was a great week with alot of work. Alot. I am sooo exhausted thank goodness its PDay! I love reading your emails!! Mom, that is so awesome about that family that came to church, and I love how happy you got when you saw them there! Thats what is cool about when the members get involved in the missionary work, that the missionaries and the members get happy because of it!
I am doing great. I am not sick anymore thankfully! I am loving Brasil more and more every day. Haha this week when we were walking down the road we saw a starfruit tree!!! I got so excited and so we ate a ton of starfruit and took a bunch home! I get so happy to find strange fruits as I am walking.

So we have so many people that are progressing here that it is just so awesome! First of all, Luis and Lizara are doing great! We did a family night with them this week and I made Tacos which they loved (who wouldnt love a good taco right?) They both were going to go to church yesterday, but at 8:30 in the morning Luis´s work called him in, and so he didnt go, but Lizara went and she loved it!

A Karina said that she would go this week... but her neighboors decided to blast music all night, and her newborn baby couldnt sleep... so she wasnt able to go yesterday! She is so so special I just want her to go so bad because she will love it! This week we decided to plant "seeds of faith" with her and so it was fun. She is so ready to be baptized, she told us this week she has a strong testimony of everything we teach, she just needs to go to church!!

We are also teaching a young man named Lucas who is thirteen, and he is just aweosme! He wakes himself up every sunday and walks to church with a member that lives by him every sunday! He has gone like the last six sundays! He is great, but his mom isnt really letting him get baptised, even though she is a member less active. But he is just awesome, and we did the seed of faith with him too!

I am really learning about the grace of the Lord recently, because sometimes I feel like, even though I am trying my best, it isnt enough, But then I remember that the grace of the Lord makes up the rest, as long as I am doing my best, and it makes me feel better. I just love being a misisonary. The Lord must really be a patient person, because I make so many mistakes, but he still trusts me to be his missionary.

Oh and yesterday I officailly tasted the grossest thing on my misison so far. FISH EYE. Yeah so they make some fish soup, and insetad of just cutting off the head, they put the wholllle fish in there. And they told me "you are supposed to eat the head, its the best part!" And so they were all happy eating fish brains and tongue and everything, and they gave me an eye to try.... nasty. Never. Again.

The first two is me with starfruit! The third one is me with a banana tree. number 4 is us with Karina! And number 5 is Lucas!! I love you all, enjoy the pics!

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