Monday, August 25, 2014

August 4th, 2014

Hello everybody, so it looks like you all had a great week, I love you all so much! I deinately miss you guys so much. Dad all those pictures look so cool, you definately have the coolest job! Mom, I love hearing from you too, I miss you very much! Jonathan, congrats for playing Warped Tour... thats pretty rad. Im definately jealous... And Natalie, congratulations for the art show and whatnot, Jonathan tells me you have got some good stuff going on. Congratulations everybody!
As for me, I am just here in Brasil, teachign and doing my best! There is alot of cool stuff happening here, and some hard things too, but its all good, Im not letting my spirits get down! So first of all you guys remember that family of Maricleusa that I told you about last week? The one that her husband betrayed her a month ago and we started teaching? Well turns out the family is really really really special. Like alright, I already knew that, but they are soooo ready! This week we went back to see if they read and prayed about the book of Mormon, and Maricleusa did, she read and prayed. And while she was describing what she felt she started to cry because she just knew that it was true. Its just so cool how the Lord can put us in peoples life just in the moment that they need us most. Just one problem... Turns out they "technically" live in the sisters area... so we are going to have to pass them to the sisters to teach. Yeah Im pretty bummed about that, because they are so special... But as long as they are taught I am happy!

Also, this week we had a District Priesthood meeting and President Castro came and gave a great talk about the difference between a testimony and conversion. It really made me think. I know I have a testimony for sure, but i really want to be converted. So it made me think a bunch and I really oved it. I really love President Castro, he is the type of guy I want to be some day!!

Um yesterday we found a pretty cool family too, and the dads name is Luiz. He is such a humble guy and his wife is way awesome too, and they adopted a little girl a few months ago. And they have been thinking they need to find a path to follow to help the little girl... And then we showed up!! Once again, the Lord literally guides us I love it. It is a great family. I am very excited to start teaching them! But other then that, nothing reallllllllly reallly exciting happened this week, just the same old trying to find people to teach!

But yeah! Today I am going to Porto Alegre for our Zone counsel and it should be pretty cool! I am very excited for that! But I think thats just about it! Sorry there isnt a tonnnnn of cool stuff this week, but I am working hard!!

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