Monday, August 25, 2014

August 18th, 2014

Hello everybody I hope you are all doing well! I miss everybody so much! Taco looks like he has got so much hair, that is so random.... finally he has become a man!!! Haha I miss that pooch. I miss you all so much! I am doing well. The weather decided to be crazy this week and was freezing cold, and then hot, and then cold, and then super hot, and so my body couldnt resist!!! And I got sick on Friday. It was actually the first day on the mission I had to stay home because I was sick. It was kinda rough, but luckily now I am all good! Elder Hiatt gave me a blessing and I was able to work the rest of the week! I love that guy. We actually get along very well!
So I have been pretty stressed out recently, and like Im tryign not to be its just hard! Because I am just so involved in the lives of so many people, and what I say can change the lives of people for the good or the bad, and so I have been pretty stressed out, because alottt of our investgators just have alot of problems! But me personally, I am okay! I am extremely happy here with my comp, and he work here is going great, even though we have faced alot of rejection, I am happy because I know what I am doing is right! I love being a missionary. Actually the fact the I have such little time left kinda stresses me out too. But Im good I just need a chill pill and some good ice cream!

Haha então! Yesterday morning was kinda fun.; We decided that we would run around and go talk to all of our investigators to remind them about church yesterday morning, and so we literally ran across the whole city in our white shirts and ties visiting everybody telling htem to go to churhc. I am pretty sure I ran like 3 or 4 miles! Haha it was cool!

As for our investigators, we have alot that are progresing super well. Karina (the one that had a baby about a month ago) said she will go to church for sure next week!!!! I am so excited because she will lovvvve it. She already has a strong testimony, and just needs to go to church, and then she will be baptized! Luis and Lizara are also super well, but their son that uses drugs is a huge burden for them, and we are trying to help him too the best we can! And Maricleusa too, the one whose husband left her, she has a testimony too, and is progressing great.

I miss you all so much and hope you are well! Keep being the great family that you are! Youguys are the best! Oh and this is what bananas look like when they come off a tree, and this is me on an old bold on the river shore! Pretty cool huh! And this is me with a pet parrot that a member had! And the last one is Bruce, our pet bat.

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