Monday, August 25, 2014

August 11th, 2014

Hello everybody so this week was a great week here in Cachoeira! I love this place! I hope all of you are well, I didnt get any emails from you guys this week, but I hope youa re all doing well! I miss you guys a bunch! Today was the transfer day and me and Elder Hiatt will stay together for one more transfer here in Cachoeira! It should be cool. We have alot of people that we are working with and soon we willl be able to see the frutes of our labor.
So this week on Monday I went to Porto Alegre for our leadership counsel and we learned a little bit more about the importance of the book of Mormon, and I loved the message that Presidente Castro shared. I love the book of Mormon so much. Recently I have been studying other scriptures and the book of Mormon not as much, but I decided to start reading the whole thing again, and there is such such a great feeling when I read that book. I dont know, it just really changed my life, and I want it to be able to do that to everybody!

As for the work, it is going very well! This week we didnt have a ton of time to work in our area because of the conference, and then on thursday we decided to work in the sisters area to help them out a little bit. But we are working with an awesome family that I told about last week, Luis and Lizara! Last Sunday we started teaching them, and then this wednesday we went to see how they were doing and the absolutely loved the book of Mormon. We had left them a part about the Holy Ghost, and Luis especially loved that part because he wants to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. It is just a great family, and they love our visits! We love them so much.

That other family that we were working with, the family of Maricleusa, isnt progressing as much as we thought they would. They were doing great, but then I think Maricleusas mom said somethign to her and the family about how they were born in the Catholic church and that means they have to always stay in the Catholic church. And so yeah, but we still have alot of faith in the, and we will keep on visditing them until they tell us no because we love that family too!

Yesterday something cool happened! At like 8 o clock a member called us and asked us to go to his house, and so we went there, and he said that he was needing a blessing of comfort, because he was having to work in another city so he was only home like two days a week, and anyways, he wanted a blessing. So I had the opportunity to give hiom a blessing, and it was just awesome because I just felt like the words come to my mouth to say, and like promises to make, and it was cool, because I fel like it was all by the spirit. I love that feeling when I know the Spirit is working through me!

But anyways that was my week. Not toooo many new things, I hope you all dont get bored reading my letters. I am fine, I am working hard and trying my best to serve the Lord. It is great to be a misisonary. I love it! And I love you guys. Thanks for all you do! Stay strong! I love you!!

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