Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28th, 2014

Hello everybody so this week was a very awesome week filled with a huggge miracle at the end!! Man it was awesome. I cant wait to tell you all about it. But first of all, Carson good luck at basebal camp, I think its so cool that you are doing it! Good luck! And yeah, I loved that picture of the three brothers at QT. I miss you all som much. But im busy, Im happy, so its all good!

So this week I was officially voted the American with the best Portuguese on the mission by the missionaries in the mission office. That was kinda cool... I want to keep on studying Portuguese after my mission too! So yeah.

SO this week was great. Absolutely great! On Tuesday we visited Karina, who is just awesome, but she is having a hard time taking care of her son Davi, which is stopping her from being able to visit the church. Its hard for her, because the dad of her son stopped talking to her when the baby was born... Its pretty tough, but we are trying our best to help her. She rocks, just keep her in your prayers!

Yesterday was just a day full of miracles. So we tried a new technique of finding people to teach, which is knocking on the doors and offering a prayer, and then when we go in, we explain our purpose, and say a prayer, and mark another visit, and it is working super well!!! This week, it was rainging and cold, which is noprmally hard to find people to teach on days like this, but we knocked on a door and did this with some young men. And then yesterday we went back and gave a full lesson with the whole family, and it was amazing! It is such a great family. They are so smart, and understnad everthing and Jean (one of the sons who is 11 years old) read the entire pamplet we left with him the first day we met them!

But somethign cool about this family is that they are pretty well in life (and normally richer people dont let us in) but the mom was really interested in our message because we talked alot about the family. Turns out that 2 weeks ago, her husband cheated on her and left the family for another woman. So the fact that our message blesses families was what she loved. I think if we had met her before that happened, she might not have let us in. It just shows that God sends us to those who are ready and who need help. It was very awesome. Their names are Maria Cleusa (the mom) Igor (son) Jean (son) and Ingrid (the daughter). They are so aweosme.

This wee was also zone conference in Porto Alegre, and I loved it so much. I love Presidente Castro, he is such a great man, and Sister Castro too. They are just such great examples of the kind of people I want to be one day.

But yeah, thats about it for me. I love you all so much. You are great, and I love you all. Thanks for the emails and letters that I get from you. I love you guys! I might send pictures later today... The place Im at today doesnt work. But yeah! I love you guys!

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