Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 14th, 2014

Hello everybody so I hope you are all doing well! I miss you guys so much, but it is great being here in Cachoeira! So my companion is Elder Hiatt as you know, and to answer some questions hat you had: Yes it is very different being with an American than a Brazilian! Is it weird that I kinda adapted to the Brasilian culture without realizing it? Its like I had kinda a culture shock when I became his companion, its just weird that its my native culture that shocks me! I like dont even know how to explain it, but its different! He is great and love him and it is so great working together, its just kinda funny I thought. In our house we generally speak Portuguese. He likes to speak English alot, but I try not to, just because it is actually way easier for me to speak Portuguese then English.

But yeah. Anyways about my week! This week we actually didn hav alot of time to do our normal work because we went to Porto Alegre for our Leadership counsel on the mission. So Tuesday we went and we didnt get back here until Thursday afternoon! It was so great. Its like a meeting wih all the Zone leaders of the mission, and Sister Castro gives a training, then President Castro, and then the assistants! Ans so it was really good and the spirit was very stong. I am just very happy to be in the service of the Lord. I have no doubts that this is the true Gospel, and am greatful for this in my life.

About the work! We are teaching a young woman named Tainara, who is a friend of another young woman who was baptized a few months ago! She has been going to church for like the last 5 Sundasys in a row and really wants to be baptized, its just her mom isnt super excited about the idea. We are going to talk to her this week and I am pretty sure that it will work out, and so she will brobably be baptized on Saturday which will be super cool!

Also we are teachign three big families, and all three are super interested. I still dont knwo them all super well, because we have only visited them a few times since I have been here but, I am excited because they are really golden!! Also, I heard that Maria Tereza, one of the woman I was teaching in Canguçu will be baptized soon, and also Lafaete, who I was teaching in Canguçu! Man I am just so happy the Lord is blessing us so much! I am so happy to be in the service of the Lord.

But yeah, I know that the church is true. Its great. It really is. I have been thinking back about all my misison time and it is amazing to see all the miracle that have happened since I have been here, and all the lives that have changed, including mine. I am so grateful for my misison. But yeah, I love you all so much. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

the first is an awesome family in Canguçu called the Gama family! Its them that we called home from on Mothers day

The second is donna Alice, that is a member super funny here in Cachoeira that made dinner for us!
The third is us sneaking in to Presidents office in Porto Alegre...
The fourth is my buddies Elder Lydikson and ELder Mendes that I saw in Porto Alegre!
The last is me chillin in the misison office!!

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