Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 21st, 2014

Hello everybody so this week was a week of some difficulties and a great huge blessing. I guess I will just get startede! So we have been teaching Tainara, a young woman that was going to be baptized this Saturday. She just needed permission from her mom and so we went to talk to her mom about letting her be baptized. Her mom was kinda sayoing some thing that didnt make sense, and so I bore a very very firm testimony that if she wants her daughter to be protected from the world, she needs to let her be baptized. And so... she gave us permission!! It was so awesome! And so I was super happy, because I felt the spirit so so strong when I bore that testimony.

So the baptism was marked for this saturday, but then on Friday night we got a call. Tainaras mom didnt want her to be baptized anymore. Man that was tough, because I felt the Spirit so strong when I bore my testimony. And so we went and talked to her, but me and Elder Hiatt decided that it would be better not to baptize her, because if her mom is like this, constantly changing her mind, it would be better to wait until Tainara was a little older. It was hard, but yeah.

So that was rough. And because of that i feel like some of the members lost trust in us, but its okay because I know it is better this way. And yeah, this week we walked and walked and walked and my legs are so tired! My shoes are wearing down alot, and I think taht is part of why my legs are hurting so much, but I am gong to take them to a shop this week to fix them up better!

But nowwwww for the blessing!! So I think I already told about Karina, a young lady that we contacted on the road, that is so special. Well on Monday we talked to her and we asked if she had read the Book of Mormon, and she had. But not just the part we left marked, but almost all of 3rd Nephi! She said that she loves it, and says that she feels like she needs to read that book every day! She said that she sat down to read one day and was reading and reading, and she didnt even realize that she had been reading for two hours nonstop. WOW! So she was going to be baptized soon butttt, SHE HAD HER BABY this week! It was crazy because it was a month earlier then expected, but we went to see her on Saturday and it was just so awesome to see her as a mom, and like that way she cared for her son was just so sweet. She is awesome. She asked if we could bless her baby in the church in a few Sundays too!

So yeah she is great. Other then that nothing reallly new happened! It has been a good week, but I hope that this next week is better! SO yeah. I love you all and I hope you all are well! Youa re awesome thanks for the support! I love you!! I have pictures... but I cant send them from this computer... SO I will send themnext week! I love you all!

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