Monday, July 7, 2014

June 23rd, 2014

Olá todo mundo! So hello my family this week went by so fast, and sadly we didnt have alot of time to do normal proselyting. This tuesday was a Brasil game so we had to stay home, Thursday we spent all day cleaning the chapel, and Saturday too we spent all day reforming the church. So we had just a few day to work. But other then that it was a good week, and I am loving this chance I have to be a missionary.

But we are teaching a familiy that I dont know if I have told you about them. Its a family that consists of Ivanisa, Iloni, and their children Laércio and Lafaete, and Lafaete´s girlfriend Josiara. They are a family that is very humble and they dont have alot. Their life has been pretty rough because of some bad choices in the past, and Ivanisa, the mom, suffers alot of psychological damage, because of some thigns that happened in the past. The first time we went there , there was a really horrible feeling in that home, but every time we go there it just feels better and better and they look happier and happier. I really believe that this gospel has the power to bless the lives of anybody. Laércio and Lafeate and Josiara are visiting the church regularly and loving it, and willl probably be baptized soon, but because the transfers are on July 1st, I dont know if I will be here to see it. But they are very awesome. It is just wonderful to see their family change as they accept the gospel. Iloni and Ivanisa are accepting it, but have so many difficulties, but slowly they are seeing more blessings too! I love it.

Luis is doing really great, loving the church, and learning a ton. The branch president is thinking about calling him as a counselour in the future. He is great, and one thing I love about him is that he is never afriad to talk about the gospel with others. Evfen before his baptism, he talked with everyyyyybody about the church, he is awesome! Danilo and Milene also are wonderful and I love them so much. We are helping them to have a goal to go to the temple to be sealed next year, which will be amazing! It might be one of the things that I want the most is them going to the temple to be sealed forever!

But other then that, htats pretty much it! The United States is actually playing well this year! But whenever I say the United States is going to win, eveybody just laughs in my face... But yeah. I love you guys! Have a great week! Happy anniversary grandma and grandpa!!! Im glad you all had a great time!! VAI AMERICA!!!!

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