Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 16th, 2014

So everybody this week was a very great week and flew by so so fast! Its craziness, the time is going by so fast, because I am just always so busy! But yeah, this week was the first week of the World Cup and here during the game NOBODY was on the road or on the street and all the stores closed and yeah! So President said that we needed to be at home studying during the game and so thats what we did this week! But I didnt miss the chance to throw a world cup party with my companion during the studies! We just made a pizza and bought soda and yeah, haha it was fun. Also this week I went to Porto Alegre for the dermalolgist and she perscribed an antibiotic called tetrocliclina in Portuguese I dont know what it is in English, and also a bunch of other creams, and already there is a hugeeee difference. I have another with her in like a month, and so it should be good as new! But yes it cost alot, but Sister Castro said the mission could reimbolse it, because it was something that happened here on the mission. 

But yeah! SO this week was pretty stressful actually! The last week leading up to baptisms is always so stressful! So we had marked with Luis to meet with him on Tuesday, and we called and he couldnt meet with us. Then on Thursday we had an appointment and we expalined a bunch of stuff, then friday we had is baptismal interview, and Saturday was the baptism! Everything went very well and its was very great,he was very excited and in the baptismal meeting he bore his testimony and it was great. He is so so so awesome and will be a great strength for this branch. I am so very happy that this miracle happened. And so grateful that the Lord trusted me and Elder Moraes with this miracle.

To be quite honest sometimes I feel like I dont deserve all of the blessings that the Lord has been giving to me, but I am so so happy to see how many blessings he has been giving to me. I love being a missionary, as hard as it is, its great. I love Canguçu. I love the church. I just am so happy. Happy for repentance, happy for being here... just a happy guy!

So that was my week, and just so you know, that thing I am holding on the spoon in the picture... is a chicken leg. The other parts were in the pot. Pretty rad right? Haha I love you all!!

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