Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 9th, 2014

Hello everybody so this week was another great week in Frio Grande do Sul! This week was reallly cold and reallly rainy. Generally when its not raining its foggy, which is cool, but a little bit harder to work in! But it was a great week! Right now I am in Porto Alegre for my dermatologist appointment, and so Im emailing a little early because of it. 

So this week President Castro said that the Presidency of the area Brasil said that all the missionaries need to be in their apartments one hour before the game and cant leave until one hour after it ends. President Castro would have let us watch it but because they said it, nobody can watch it. But its all good, it would have been cool to watch but thats not why Im here! Its kinda cool because everything on the roads is Green and Yellow, and its pretty awesome! 

Anyways about the work in Canguçu. Its awesome. I love this area and think it is my favorite area so far. We are still working with Luis who is progressing, just havig a hard time with the word of wisdom, but he promised us that today he will stop, and later we will call him to see how he is! The baptism is still marked for this Saturday, its just hard to teach him because he works so much! Tomorrow we have an appointment with him and then on Friday its his baptismal interview and I am praying that he can be ready this Saturday! He is awesome and really trying his best, and so we are going to help him! Its so easy to teach and help people when they want to know and when they have desire to learn and change... because if they dont have those feelings its kinda like pulling teeth... haha. 

Danilo and Milene are awesome, and ever day that passes they are becoming stronger and stronger in the gospel. I love them so much, they are really amazing! Yesterday they were out of the city and Milenes parents house in Iguatemi, but they came back justttt for church which was great!!! I love them, and yesterday the branch went on a hike together and they went with everybody which was awesome because they are creating Friends in the branch! I love it!

But yeah. So I know this letter was kinda boring, butttt Im working hard, doing my best, and letting the Lord do the rest! I love you all so much, miss you all so much, and love hearing from you! I hope youa re well, Connor happy birthday this week, I cant believe you are 18... thats so weird... so weird.... Mom, good luck with the calling, I know it will be hard, but he wouldnt call you if you couldnt do it! I love you all so much! Dad, I love the postcards you send me, this week I got Amsterdam!

Anyways have a good week, andddd VAI BRASIL!!!!!!!

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