Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 2nd, 2014

So everybody this week was so so so crazy!!!! So hectic and so many things happened! It was pretty crazy, but man, in the end everything payed off! Mom Dad, I love you guys so much, thanks for always being there for me! President Castro sayd that you speak really good Spanish Dad! We had interviews with him this week and he said that you speak great spanish and he told me about the appointment in Porto Alegre, I just dont know how its going to work, but later today I will call to see. Carson, have fun at camp buddy! Connor, keep being snouty, and Jonathan, keep being focinhoso.

Anyways, all snouts aside, I would like to tell you about my awesome week! So this week was so crazy because there was the wedding and baptism of Danilo and Milene, and because there are so few members here, we had to do everything! So last Friday we went to the wedding which was in a governent office, nothing fancy, and alot of their family came to watch! It was so awesome and they were so happy! And we thought that their family would also like to see the baptism on Saturday, so we invited them and went to decorate the church! Not gonna lie, mom you would be so proud of my decorations! They were so awesome! We didnt have alot of resources, but for what we had it turned out great! Yeah!

On Saturday, we had the baptism, and all morning we were fliing up the baptismal font with a small hose. The only problem... is that in May in Canguçu... its pretty cold... sooooooooo we tried everything to heat up that water but it didnt work... We even heated up boiling oil, and put the whole pan in the font to see if it would heat up the water... but it didnt work.... Also we thought that their whole family was coming so we ordered... 20 pounds of cake.... but.... the family ended up not coming.... we had alotttttttttttttt of cake....... But the service was amazing, and I batized Danilo, and Elder Moraes baptized Milene! It was great, and they loved our decorations and everything! Man, we were jsut doing so much, it was so crazy, but it was totally worth it!

Yesterday a miracle happened! So remeber Luis? He has been coming to church for a while but whenever we talk about baptism he never really likes it and tries to change the subject... But this week he had a dream, and he saw a bus full of people going to be baptized, and also me and Elder Moraes, and he was going to go, but he got afraid because he thought the water would be cold, so he decided not to get on the bus. And when he saw it driving away, he realized that he needed to get on, but it was too late, he missed his chance. He came to church yesterday and he told us he didnt want to miss his chance to get on the "bus", and so we invited him to be baptized, and he accepted. He will be baptized on the 14th of June! Wow, he is amazing and I am so excited too!

So this week was absoultely amazing! I love Danilo, Milene, everybody! I just feel so happy to have gotten to know them so well! I love all you too, I miss you all! Connor, Happy birthday this week!!! But yeah! Enjoy the pictures!

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