Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 30th, 2014

So everybody first of all I got to say... VAI BRASIL!!!!!!! Haha this week everybody went nuts because of the game and it was fun to see everybody so excited. As usual we didnt get to watch the game but its okay, Im used to it! This week it has oficially rained nonstop, and I dont like it! Its so cold! And our house got a leak... good thing I am leaving Canguçu! I am going to an area called Cachoeira tomorrow to be.... a ZONE LEADER! Yeah it was pretty unexpected because Im not even a DL but, I am very excited! My companion will be Elder Hiatt and he is from... MESA ARIZONA! It should be really cool! But to tell the truth I am very sad to leave Canguçu... Yesterday the branch President asked me to say a few things in sacrament meeting, and I almsot cried because I love this little branch so much. Its the truth. But... its life right?
Anyways, this week was really really awesome, and alot of small, but special blessings came. One of them (actually not a small blessing at all, a huge blessing!) is a lady that we started teaching name Maria Tereza. She is a sweet older lady that was a referal from a member. Her daughter passed away a few weeks ago, and the shock was so big for Maria that she fainted, and has had some health problems since. But she has such an open heart. We taught her the restoration, and that same night she prayed and she recieved an answer that same day. She knows its true. And what is amazing is that every time we go back she looks happier and happier. Its theseeee feelings and moments that make all the hard times worth it. She is so special and sweet, I am sad to leave!

Also remember that family of Ivanisa and Iloni? Well this week we went to their house and shared a lesson and whatnot, but one of these blessings was that Ivanisa offered to say the closing prayer. Like ever since we ahve started teaching her, she has had some huge difficulties, and never wanted to pray, and the fact that she offered means that she has made progress since the beginning, and seriously taht feeling when she was offereing her first prayer, was just the sweetest feeling in the world. Seriously it was one of the best moments on the mission to see her, who had so many problems, progressing little by little. I loved it. I loved it.

Haha something funny that happened is that after one of the lessons with them, they gave us somethign that looked a little bit like sausauge. They called it home made paté... And I have never eaten anything so cruel in my life before.... They killed the pig that it was made of, and the paté was liver, skin, snout, foot, and other stuff, all inside of a thick gross intestine.... and served cold. Wow.... I just ate one bite, but Elder Moraes couldnt even manage that... he put it in his mouth and threw up... hahahaha I laughed at him alot... It was funny!

But anyways I love you all so much, I hope you are all okay and happy! I loved the pictures and those Brasil shirts are great! And the only thing I am needing needing... maybe a jounal? I am like 10 more pages in mine and it is running out! They dont make cool jornals here in Brasil. But yeah thats pretty much it! I am going to miss Canguçu! It has been my favortie place until now!

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