Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7th, 2014

Hello everybody, so this week was a very awesome week!!!! Sadly the Brazilian soccor star Neymar broke his back and so all of the Brasilians are all sad... poor guy! But yeah, I am actually kinda esxcited for the World Cup to end because it is so hard to work with everybody watching the games and whatnot! So yeah. This week was my first week in the great city of Cachoeira do Sul! It is such a cool city, like seriously, it is so awesome! Here it isnt a stake and there sint a ward, but it is a district of branches! So here in the city there are 3 branches and there is a branch in Caçapava do Sul, and all the branches form a district. But my branch here is super strong and pretty much a ward, and there is a chapel and everything. Its great and the members are helping so so so much!!!! And actually the district is pretty close to becoming a stake, and so if we baptize or reactiviate 3 men who can hold the Melquisedeque preiesthood, it will become a stake. So its like super close.
My companion is Elder Hiatt who is super cool.... but from Mountain View... so yeah. Haha no, he is such a great worker and pretty cool, and he even said he might of played Connor in Volleyball one time. Its cool because we know like the same places and everything, and its so funny that he is related to the Turks!! But yeah.
Our area is super huge and so we walk alottttttttt but its awesome. But there is alot of good things happening here. One of the things that happened was my first day here we started talking to a Lady named Karina! She was so awesome like from the start and so on Saturday we went to her house to start to teach her, and wow.... she is so so so ready to be taught. Like right now is her time! So we started teaching and she explained that on that day when we met her, she felt so much peace, after just talking to us. And then when we visited her on Saturday she said she felt it again, and she told us she wants to be baptized, it was exaclty what she was wanting to hear. She is great. And she lives in a poor neighboorhood, that has some neighboors that love blasting music in their car, and we got their and asked that they would leave in a prayer so we could teach without that distraction and they drove off!!! Way cool!!!

And one other cool thing taht happened is that yesterday we went to a family´s house that the kids were baptized last week, and we went there and when we went in, the Dad was having an asthma attack!!!!! So real quick we gave him a priesthood blessing.... and he stopped, imediately. Wow. The church is so true... So cool right? He said, "you guys showed up right on time" which are like the greatest words to hear as a missionary... Yeah it was great.

But yeah, that was my week, I love you all so much, and hope you all are well! This week I am going to spend almost all the time in Porto Alegre because we have a special Zone leader meeting in POA com Presidente Castro. It should be way cool. And lets see if Brasil wins this week!! But thats it for now!!! I love you!!!

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