Monday, November 17, 2014

November 3rd, 2014

Hello everybody so all I can really say is that here in Cachoeira we are being so blessed and God is really hearing our prayers. Miracles are happening every single day, it is so amazing. I am so happy here in Cachoeira. I dont want to leave! We talked to President and he said that I will probably stay here until Dezember, so it should be good:)

So one big thing that happened this week is that I got pneumonia! Tuesday I was feeling super tired, and then Wednesday, I was super tired, with a fever, and coughing a bunch, and so on Thursday we went to the Hopsital and they gave me an Xray of my lungs and sadi I have penumonia. But it is smal, and just in one lung, and hasnt spread, so Ill be alright! I dont feel toooooo sick. They gave me a bunch of medicine to take, and Ill get better soon. It was kinda funny because we went to the hosiptal and they sat me down and gave me some medicine right in my vein, and it WAS THE WORST!!!! It hurt sooo much! But after I felt better, and I havent had a fever since they gave me that medicine. I just hate shots.

But anyways now for the miracles. So this last week we did a family night with Elaine and João Pedro, and also Tiago (the one that I told you about last week) and we decided to talk about the Holy Ghost and we shared a video called "patterns of light" by Elder Bednar. The video talks about how we can recognize revelation, something that has been really hard for João Pedro and Elaine. They have been investigating the church and going to church every Sunday for the last 3 months, but they havent felt that spiritual confirmation. Anyways we shared that video and asked them afterwards how they were feeling, and in that moment Elaine said something interesting.... "I would like to be baptized" Wow!!! It was amazing, and such a great experience. We went and talked to her yesterday, and she would like to be batpized THIS SATURDAY!!! Its is such a huge blessing! Something changed in her, and she felt the Holy Ghost confirm that these things are true! It was so special. So her and her son, João Pedro, will be baptized on Saturday!

So that was great. Anyways Tiago, was at that family night too, and he had a baptismal date for last Saturday, and he wasnt feeling super prepared, but that night that we shared the video the Spirit was super strong. And when Elaine shared that she would like to be baptized he said, "before I wasnt sure if these things were true, but now I know they are. I would like to be baptized this Saturday!" And so he was! We baptized him on Saturday and it was really great.

Really, the Lord is hearing our prayers. I think the biggest miracles of all was that we prayed and fasted espificically that João Pedro and Elaine would feel the Holy Ghost and that they woul tell us that they wanted to be batpized. We asked exactly for this, and it happened exactly as we asked. It was a great miracle.

But yeah, other than that the week wasnt too crazy, I stayed at home a few days because of the sickness, and I realized it stinks so much to stay at home. On Halloween I trued making jello worms with straws... but it didnt work, it was an epic failure. But tis okay!

I loved seeing your costumes and everything, I hope you had a great Holiday! Just a little more and I will be able to celebrate holidays with you! I love you all so much, I hope you ahve a great week!!

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