Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12th, 2015

Heeelllllllllllllo everybody! Can you believe that this is my second to last Pday on the mission? What?! Crazyness!!! I am sper excited to see all of you again. I miss you all. Its weird because even though I am stil on the misison, I am already starting to miss the misison. Its weird, in some moments I am super super ready to come home, and other moments I am super super sad that the misison is ended. They are mixed feelings. I am really sad that the expereince of being a full time misisonary is coming to an end, but I am super excited to be with my family again... and to be in America again. Look, Brasil is amazing, but there is no place like home right! And it will be good for my feet to get some rest. They are well..... hmmm..... well Ill just have to show them to you when I come home.... hahahahahaahha.

Anyways this week was a great week of rain and awesomeness. This part of the summer is cool because its kinda like monsson season in Arizona, where it rains almost every night. This last week it was super hot in the afternoon, and then it rained almost every night! And when it rains in the summer, it stormssss!!! iT WAS WAY COOL. But alot of misisonaries use the rain as an excuse not to work... buttttttt I am so grateful for the goals I made with Presidente until the end of my misison, because they helped me work my hardest, and I feel good knowing that I reached my presonal goals this week, even though it rained a ton! So I am happy and working hard!

We are having a hard time helping people progress because of a big issue here, which is marriage! Nobody is married! The only people that I know that are legally married are the member of the church, the rest just live together without being married, and this is a huge problem because to progress towards baptism people cant be living in this situation. But we have alot of faith that we will find alot of people to teach and help here!

But yeah... so thats about it!!! I am just working hard and yeah!!! I will be able to tell you more aboiut the dtails in a few weeks!! I love you all!!! Have a great day!! ATÉ MAIS!

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