Monday, April 8, 2013


Oi familia! Como se ta?! Bem?
Hi family! Tomorrow I go to Housten!! Woohoo! Finally getting outta this place. I love it here, but being here for 6 weeks kinda gets to ya! So this whole week has just been kinda surreal, like, I am actually going to be leaving! Pretty crazy! This morning me, Jarvis, and Wilkinson all said goodbye to Fairchild because he was going to Billings Montana and he was leaving this morning, and it was so sad! He reminded me alot of Jonathan, so in a way I felt like I was saying bye to my older brother again which was tough, but we will see each other again in Porto Alegre someday, if I ever make it there! I can't believe its finally time to go!

As far as Portuguese goes, I will just be studying that on my own in Houston. That will be kinda hard, because I'm super afraid to lose what I learned of Portuguese! Mas, eu sei vai ser tudo bom! The other day we had the opporutunity to share a short lesson in English, and it was so much harder then Portuguese! I actually wished I could speak Portuguese instead, so that was kinda funny. Everybody thinks I have the best Portuguese in the district, which I don't agree with, but it made me happy that they thought so! Im getting better in my tenses and whatnot! Portuguese is such a cool language, I cant wait to Speak it to you guys!

Mom, I'm so sad that I missed you when I called! I was hoping that you weren't sad! Its a good thing I get to call tomorrow! But its all okay becasue I will call tomorrow! My flight number to Houston is AA436 and I land at 9:40 Houston time, meaning that I will be able to call at like 7:40 Arizona time! I can't wait, I am so excited to talk to you all!
So, today I have just been packing and am just about done, but all day is Pday today so I have so much time to get everything done! Yeah its so exciting that tomorrow I will be in Texas!
Jonathan, as far as the clothes policy goes, I think its okay, as long as they are not any of my baseball T's or  one of my newer shirts. Which ones did you have in mind? Ask me tomorrow when I call. I hope the wedding prep is going good! Its crazy its like in a week er something! I hope all goes well! In conference I think in the Priesthood session I was thinking about you becasue there was that one talk about sucessful marriages and whatnot. I think it was priesthood but I can't remember!
Speaking of conference, it was so good and a nice end to my MTC stay! We pretty much only studied and watched conference on Saturday and Sunday, so it was a little bit of a rest from the hectic week!
Anyways, I did not get my desired six pack from the MTC like I was hoping, but I did lose 6 pounds which is good!!!! Maybe by the end of my mission I can end up like Connor... With all the meat in Texas and all the meat in Porto Alegre I am going to be a beast!!! Hahaha. Im so excited, its like when I first left Arizona the mission felt real to me, and then it kinda felt like normal after being here for six weeks, but now it is like that same scared nervous but excited feeling I had when I first left AZ! It will be good though! Me Jarvis and Fairchild are determined to start a band when we get back called Ordem E Progresso (order and progress in Portuguese) and rock the world.
Also, I know Carson will succeed wherever he goes to school. He is smart and athletic and will be at the top of wherever he chooses to go to school! Good luck buddy!
I love you all and can't wait to talk tomorrow! I love you! Ate mais!! Tchau!!!
Elder Hoopes!


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