Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hello family! It has been a great week here in Houston! So, Jonathan is married!!! On the 18th I was thinking about him and whatnot and I missed the family, but I know Im doing something important so it was okay to miss it! Im glad to see it went well! Its so exciting!  Congratulations brother, I hope all  is well! Also, if Natalie wants me to add her email to the list I can just let me know what it is! Yeah! So, the new truck is pretty cool! Alot better then the excursion! Im happy to be rid of that thing! I hated it! Im glad to see that life is going well back in AZ!

Here in Houston things are going great! Me and Elder Johnson are becoming closer and whatnot! Ive been studying alot about love and patience for Elder Brooks, but I think if I try to be patient and loving it will get better. We also just found out we are moving out of our apartment soon and moving in with the other Elders in our zone, which means I get to stay with Jarvis! So that will be exciting!

So this week we have been teaching so many people! I love it! I am learning how to be organized because I have to keep track of who we are teaching! One of my favorite people to visit is this man named Theron Neally! He is extremely religious and Baptist, and I can tell he is sincerely trying to find the truth. We taught him for a while and he was progressing, but then he ran into some anti-mormon things on the internet. However, we taught him a great lesson about those kind of things and answered all his questions. He is now praying and fasting to know the truth. Im so proud of him, he has come a long way from where he was at! I know he will recieve an answer to his prayers.

Anyways I have had alot of chances to speak Portugues to the hispanics! I can't say much, but they understand what I do say! I am really nervous about losing it! I already feel like I dont remember as much even though i study every day! Its pretty hard. Like not the words but grammer is so hard! I feel like the more I learn the more I don't know! Its okay though! Im sure I will learn when I get to Brazil! Which by the way, I love the people here so much I wouldn't mind staying. At the same time I really want to go there! So whatever happens I am happy with! I can't believe this week marks two months out! Its literally flying by!

Anyways I hope all is going well! I love you all so much and miss you! All yalls are awesome and I am glad things are good. PS I use yall alot now when I talk just because "you guys" isn't profetional language but in texas yall is! I probably won't say it much when I get home though! I love yall!

-Elder Hoopes

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