Tuesday, April 30, 2013


So this has been a super exciting week! First of all it rained, like crazy!!! And it  flooded everywhere!!!!! It was so fun, and so we were stuck in the road when it was flooding in a members car, so we got out and started pushing people that had stalled out of the road in our white shirts and ties and stuff! Haha it was so so much fun! Our apartment almost flooded but didnt thankfully!! So that was exciting! Also, we found a very fun insect in our apartment a few days ago! A bedbug! YEAH!!!! Haha luckily we haven't seen one since and we have checked everywhere! We had someone come and check it out and they said it was fine, but yeah! And we are moving so that is going to be good too! 

Speaking of that, I dont know what my apartment address is, but just send everything to the mission office which is 602 Eldridge Rd, Sugarland Texas 77478! I am there pretty often and it is more efficient!

So a few things that were awesome about this week, is one miracle I saw! There is this girl named Elizabeth that is in a rough situation. She has two kids, is 20 years old, and is kinda homelessish, she sometimes lives with a member named Sister Kindle, or her sisters, but recently she dropped off the face of the earth and we couldn't find her. Turned out she was on the other side of Houston staying with somebody. She is awesome and really wants to change her life but she is so hard to get ahold of! Anyways, we had an appointment in these apartments that fell through and so we were about to leave when out of the blue I see Elizabeth walking out of an apartment!!! Such a miracle because we had been trying to find her for so long but couldn't! Anyways I think the place she is at now is more permanent in North Houston, so we referred her to the missionaries in that area. But still very cool! We have been seeing so many little miracles like that! It really is so awesome to see. 

Even though my area is on the more ghetto side, I like am not even afraid to go out at like 8 at night because I know Ill be safe! I like don't have any problem talking to thugs haha its awesome. I definately couldn't do that a few weeks ago!!! So that is awesome!

So Theron has kinda been having a rough time and we havent seen him much since everything happened, but we are trying to talk to him. He was going to fast and pray, but then the other day he sent us a text saying he needed some time to think. So we gave him a few days and talked to him a little a few days ago, but he will get better. He is so solid!

Sobre meu Portugues! Esta melhorando! Seriomente! It is awesome to have a Spanish speaking companion becasue alot of grammar is the same and so I have learned alot of Portugues! He is actually helping me a ton! Also, I labeled a bunch of things in the apartment just so I could learn new words! Its going great!

I really appreciate hearing from all yall! Jonathan your open house looked like so much fun! And yes it is okay that you take my guitar... just... be careful.... I hope all is weel with you and Natalie! Well, thats all for now folks, I hope yall have a good week! I love you all!!!

-Elder Hoopes

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