Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Olá olá olá meus muchangos!!

Olá my familia I hope all is well with you! So this week was a great week! Brasil is awesome and its getting better and better every day. I think im getting pretty good at Português fimally! It took some time but now Im getting the hang of it. Every morning before we study I write a short story using more Português words and it helps alot to learn more words! I think God saw that I was trying to be Proactive and decided to help me! So thats awesome!

Im so glad that you all had a good week! Its weird, tomorrow is 6 months on the mission! Weird right? 1/4 done! Its going by super fast! Mom, your story was hilarious about the hotels at one in the morning... Haha it made me laugh! I love hearing about how things are going at home! Natalie, congratulations with your art show! Your paintings are awesome, like seriously. No, like seriously seriously. Seriously. Haha Jonathan thats awesome you played at the University of Utah. Stop being famous. Forever Ill just be the brother of a famous person. Or brother in law. Actually, I accept this, as long as you both buy me a car.

Anyways so this week was really awesome! We walked to the Cerro das almas a few days ago becasue we talked to a really cool family that lives up there. So we walked for 1 1/2 hours and didnt find the family... so we started walking back and a car drove by (oh by the way it was raining and freezing cold) and stopped, backed up, and offered to give us a ride. Normally we would say no... but it was cold, and the guy looked normal. So we got in and started talking and turns out he has a great family. We marked a day when we could start teaching him! But it was super pretty up there, cold, but pretty!

Anyways, we baptized Ricardo yesterday!! He is so awesome! That kid is so awesome. The very fact that he is the way he is is a miracle, becasue his mom used to live on the street, he never knew his dad, and heis stepdad is a drug addict. But he never smoked, never drank, never used drugs, had faith in Christ, and everything. Such a miracle. The baptism was awesome, and I had the opporutunity to confirm him. Very very cool. He is going to be awesome!

So we are working alot with Arlete and Vilmar! They are doing so good! Vilmar might be baptized this Saturday! Arlete is a little nervous still, but we are helping her the best we can! They will be so cool!

Sooo the bishop talked to the stake president and.... he authorized that we start a branch here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we just need to find a place to rent, fix it up and yup, there will be a branch in Capão do Leão! I hope I am still in this area when it opens!

Anyways so thats about it from here in Brasil! And I dont think the snake was a pit viper, it was just a tiny little thing like a garner snake er something! Não sei! Oh Im obsessed with a fruit called ameixa that grows here on the trees, and I ate my first real live fig yesterday! It was good, but I wasnt crazy about it. But yeah thats that:) I love you all! Have a great week! Attached is a photo of the baptism, and the Cerro das Almas! Oh and the mission has a blog if you want to see, type blog Missão Brasil Porto Alegre Sul in Google! Tchau!

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