Monday, August 12, 2013

Week of Miracles!

Wow. This week was amazing. I cant wait to tell you about it! But first, I will wait to tell you about it to respond to your emails! Mom thats crazy about the midget wrestler... and the deflated eyeball... Never even knew that was possible. Carson! I am glad that you are liking Greenfield! It will be really good for you! Just be yourself and you will make lots of friends. You are the kind of kid that I would want to be friends with in Junior High! To respond to your email mom, I live with Elder Menezes, Elder Wilkinson (an american that was in my MTC district) and Elder Queroz. This week Elder Mendonça was transfered (the old companion of Elder Wilkinson) and yeah. The sad thing is that both Elder Mondonça and Elder Queroz are very disobedient. Its hard for Elder Wilkinson, but not so much for me becasue I dont really need to deal with it becasue Elder Menezes is good. My President, I dont see very often becasue I am 4 hours south of Porto Alegre, but when I do get to see him its awesome. He is a great guy!

Anyways! First of all! This week me and Elder Menezes were talking and decided taht we needed to pray for specific blessings for our investigators so that they can progress. We read in D and C 4 that missionaries in the work can ask, and they will recieve. So we put it to the test. Anyweays that is some background. 

So remember Maristela and Eva? We met them in the Cerro do Estado and Maristelas husband passed away? Anyways last week they didnt go to church because the mother in law of Maristela has cancer and is in the hospital, and Maristela was taking care of her. We decided that for her to go to church, her mother in law needs to improve. So we prayed asnd asked, and RECIEVED! We called on Saturday and they said that the mother in law improved so so much, and Maristela didnt need to stay in the hospítal with her! Miracle!

This week we met this kid named Ricardo, and his mom Rosimeri, and they loved the lesson we gave, but said it would be hard to go to church becasue Ricardos stepdad is a drug addict and gets crazy sometimes. So, we prayed that the stepdad would improve so that Ricardo could come to church. And boom, we went to Ricardos house yesterday and he was wating for us and told us that his stepdad improved and that he could come to church! Woah! Miracle! 

Nara, the daughter of Neiva uses drugs, and its really hard for Neiva becasue she constantly worries, even to the point where Neiva gets sick becasue of worry. Its dangerous becasue she is so old. So we prayed that something would happen to improve that house. The daughter of Nara discovered that Nara uses drugs, and now Nara is in rehab to stop using drugs! Miracle! 

We met this girl named Dienifer when we taught the English class, and had a good feeling that she was ready to hear the gospel, and marked a day to visit her and teach her, but we never found her in the house. Anyways, Wednesday, we were walking and one of our appointments fell, and we went to go to the house of this guy named Carlos. But, I had a super strong feeling, NO GO TO DIENIFER! So we did... and found her at home for the first time in like 3 weeks! Miracle!

So awesome. This week was amazing and I felt overwhelmed with blessings. Ketlen was baptized yesterday by her uncle! It was so awesome and I think that her dad will be baptized too soon! Neiva spoke yesterday in sacrament meeting! It was really good! She got up and said a prayer first and gave her talk! I guess its never a wrong time to pray! We saw a snake yesterday that was cool too! Anyways that was my wonderful week of Miracles! Hope you all are well! Love you all! Tchau! Oh, the first picture is all of us with Elder Mendonça, second is the cool snake, third is Ketlen with Marcio, and the last is us debating if we should go to the passo do descanso, or pass of rest... we didnt go there... but we really realllly wanted to.

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