Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5th, 2013

Óla minha familia! I hope you are all doing well! This week was a great week! Carson and Connor! Good luck with school! I hope you guys do well! The new couch looks so nice... I miss couches haha. But its all good! Haha thats crazy that cousin Miriam is married! Dad thats awesome that you are working in the temple! After my mission I want to go to the temple often, I love it there. Its so peaceful! I really miss it! The last time I went was in Texas! I really have a testimony of the temple and how sacred it is!

But this week was a great week! First of all, I bought some AWESOME soap called red berries and rainbows... and now I smell like a granny every day... So thats fun haha! Today we found out about transfers and Elder Menezes will stay here for another transfer! That will be 9 months in the same area for him! Louco! But its awesome becasue we are good friends and work well together!

We are really trying to be an obedient companionship which is awesome. The sad truth is that ALOT of missionaries in my mission are disobedient... But I have been trying to hard to be obedient. At the zone conference last week me, Elder Wilkinson, and Elder Harris were talking and Presidente Castro came up to us and said, "I have alot of trust in you. Prepare yourselves to lead in this mission very soon." Crazy right! So I am trying extra hard to be the best I can be!

Yesterday Donna Neiva shared her testimony! Seriously, the one of the best moments on the mission so far! I got all teary eyed becasue shew shared how much we helped her and she explained things about her life that we didnt even know about, but helped in some way. She is awesome! I cant tell you how good I felt! That was so cool!

Ketlen wasnt baptized on Saturday becasue her family was super busy and nobody would have been able to come. But I think this Saturday will work! One cool experience that happened! Sorry this email is super long! But we have a part of our area called Cerro do Estado, which is really far from the main part of Capão, but we had the feeling that we should go there. So we went there and it had some houses, but nobody on the street. So after some time we started walking back to the centro and Elder Menezes had the impression to knock on one door. We did and a woman named Maristela came out. We started talking and turns out her husband passed away 4 months ago. We taught her and her daughter on a different occasion about the PLan of Salvation and the Spirit was so strong! I think they have a ton of potencial!

But yeah that was my week! Right now I eat a peiace of cheese with doce de leite every morning becasue its amazing and you should try it. Haha but I hope you all have a great week! Oh mom thats so awesome you met that guy from São Paulo! I hope I meet people from Brasil when I come home so I can still speak Português! But Yeah! I love you all so much! The Photo is me and Elder Menezes with our "rich" Hankerchiefs haha. I wanted to take a photo with them becasue it was part of the gift that Grandma sent!! I love you all! Tchau!

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