Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th, 2013

Hello hello! I hope you are all doing well!! Carson and Jonathan it looks like you had fun at bear world... I want to go there someday!! It looks like fun! And Connor congratulations for the wisdom teeth! Its a shame you werent crazy like I was.

Grandma I recieved the package that you sent me with the hankerchiefs! Thank you so much! I loved the message that you put in their too! Thank you so much Grandma! By the way Mom and Dad, if you could, Elder Menezes is trying to learn English, and he said he would give me money if you could send a mini English hymnbook in the next package you send! If you cant its okay, but you dont need to hurry or anything, just whenever you get a chance!

Anyways so here In Capão do Leão things are going good! This week I was a little sick! I wasn't sick enough to stay in our house, but I definately wasnt feeling too good. Im all better now, but it was a little rough! On ething that we have been finding is a little difficult is that everybody we talk to on the street seems extremely interested and so we mark another day to pass by their house, and then they run from us or ignore us er something! Its been a little bit harder to find people to teach! But yesterday, um member Deginir was called as a group leader, kinda like our bishop and so we will work with him and I think things will improve!

We had a zone conference and so the picture attached is me, Elder Harris, and Elder Wilkinson! We were in the same district in the MTC but e are super tight. Haha Imtrying to convince them to come to ASU when we get home haha. The other picture is us with Neiva! The ward had a party becasue it was a big holiday saturday night, Festa Junina er something. But Neiva played musical chairs haha she is 80... she rocks!

Anyways thats my week! I love you all so much! Thanks for everything you do! Tchau!

This week we will have the opporutunity to baptize a girl named Ketlen! Her mom, Angela, is a member but was less active for a long time. We found her on a ward list and have been teaching her two daughters for a long time, but only Ketlen wants to be baptized. She is 9 years old, but is super smart and really wants to be baptized! Im excited becasue she will be able to grow up with the happiness that the gospel can bring! We just need to get permission from her Dad, but he is super awesome and I am 90 percent sure he will let her!

My Português is improving slowly... ha very slowly! But its getting there! People can understand almost everything that I say to them. The hardest thing isnt words but knowing the phrases that they use to talk becasue the translations dont really make sense in Enlish... But M working on it!

Neiva is awesome! She is doing super well and was going to give a talk in Sarament meeting yesterday, but got really sick! I got pretty nervous becasue she is so old and got sick, but she is getting better! Thaynara is awesome too and today I am going to paint a picture of the temple to give to them!


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