Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Baptism of Thaynara!

Hello everybody, how are you all doing! It looks like you had so much fun in Washington! Its so awesome! And Connor driving a Mustang!!! Minha Nossa... haha! I wish I could of been there, but Im helping the Lords work!

This week was really cool, but really... really.... reallllllly cold! Ah in Rio Grande do Sul it gets pretty warm in the day but freezing cold at night and so I always guess the weather wrong and end up wearing too much or not enough jackets! But yeah!

This week we were able to baptize Thaynara, the grandaughter of Neiva!! She is so so awesome, she is 9 years old and has a little problem with ADD, but she was so excited for her baptism becasue she knew the Holy Ghost would help her with her her problems! She is awesome!

But her mom, Nara is having some issues. She was progressing for a long time and we could see that she was happier becasue she wasnt drinking, was trying to stop smoking and wasnt using drugs. She was so happy, but the night before Thaynaras baptism she used all of the above and tried to call off the baptism, but we already had everything ready and convinced her to let Thaynara be baptized. I really really dont like drugs and alchohol. Its so sad becasue they really ruin lives. 

But one thing cool that happened this week, A week ago we talked to this woman named Jane and scheduled a date to meet with her and her family, but she said she is really hard to get ahold of. She said that her husband is even harder to get ahold of but already had a Book of Mormon and was reading it and liking it! Anyways, this Saturday night we were walking and I was feeling sick, it was cold and it was rainy, and we were walking about to catch a bus to go home. We passed her house and I had the impression that we should talk to her. I said to myself, nah she isnt home on the weekends... But clearly clearly recieved another impression, go to that house! So I told Elder Menezes, and we went there and found Jane and her husband at home, with their family, and they really want their two sons to grow up in a religion. Wow what a miracle! We will keep working with them!

 On a side note, transfers are coming up and Elder Menezes will probably be transferred, but I will most likely stay here! But yeah thats what happened with me this week! I love you all so much, have a great week!

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