Monday, July 15, 2013

July 8th, 2013

Hey everybody how are you all doing!! I hope you are all doing well! Dad I cant believe that you went to Mexico and saw those ruins! That is so awesome! It looks like it was so fun! Soooooo... I have a confession... I got the birthday package... and opened it.... ...  ......... because it wasnt marked to nottt open until my birthday... anddddddd I Really needed to use the pants... But they fit perfectly thank you so much for all the stuff inside! I love all the notes!! And the peanut butter is heavenly, and the Cholula is amazing! Thank you so much for everything! Also Jonathan the T Shirt is awesome! 

But my week has been really good! I will finish the Book of Mormon in Português tomorrow, so that is really awewsome! I remember starting it and not understanding anything, and now I can translate it all in English! But we have been teaching this really awesome lady that I want to tell youa bout! Her name is Neiva, and she is like 75 years old, but so so sweet!

So we started teaching her my third week here in Brazil, and she is really religous and loves to read. She has been attending a church in Capão for a long time, and has alot of faith. Well we started teaching her a while ago and gave her a Book of Mormon, which she loves. Between our first and second visit she read all of first and second Nefi! She prayed, recieved and answer that it was true, and wanted to be baptized! 

But then, her pastor talked to her and said negative things about the church and so she stopped talking to us for a while, but we didnt give up, and met with her this week, and she said that she didnt want to go back to her other church becasue her pastor did some weird thing to baptize the congregation by the Holy Ghost, and she never read anything like what he did in the Bible or Book of Mormon and knew it wasnt true. She really has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon bhecasue she reads it so much!

And she is so much happier now since she has been reading the Book of Mormon, always smiling, and whatnot. She is so awesome! She wants to be baptized next week so that will be exciting too! We are teaching her granddaughter too! Yesterday we were at her house to take her to churdch with us and she told us that her daughter had medical issues in the night and that she had only slept one hour, but still wanted to go to church with us! Ah a she has so much faith! 

Yesterday at church the Bishop asked me to teach the young men and young womens class, and I didnt havce anything prepared... It was interesting... Haha but I managed to do it... And then last night we had a family night with a family, and only the mom is a member. It was awesome, we made cookies, and taught a lesson in a funnier way while we made cookies, and it was awesome! Alot of fun! 

But that was my week, I love you all so much! I hope all is going well! Ill talk to you next week!! Tchau!


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