Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 2nd, 2013

Soooo one more week has passed here in the wonderful Brasil!! So first of alllllll for THANKSGIVING... I didnt do anything sadly. I wanted to go eat churrasco, but we marked with an investigator that ended up not even fasting. But it was still good! I remembered that im grateful for  so much stuff. Haha it was awesome to see that you all had fun!! So this week I mailed a package for you guys for Christmas!! You should be getting it soon!
So this week was good! So all this transfer we have been struggling to find really solid people to teach, we are teaching lots of people but not alot are progressing. But this week we started teaching an awesome awesome lady named Aline! We went to teach her and started teaching and talking and she asked the question, "How can we recognize answers to our prayers" and "what does the holy ghost feel like'" before we even started teaching!! She is super awesome! I have high hopes for her!!! So that was really awesome! I always feel the spirit so strong when I ask quesions and answer questions. So Im excited for her!
Soooo I have a little bit of bad news... My Christmas package arrived in Porto Alegre... but the mail system is holding it hostage. I had to bail it out with 300 reais from my emergency fund... It happens when the value is really high on a box or its really heavy, and so they tax it. So I gave President the money and it should arrive in Pelotas soon. But if you could, can you put some money in my account so I can recharge my emergency fund?
And so yeah! Yesterday we had a devotional with President Castro for the Pelotas and the Pelotas North stake! All of the missionaries sang in a choir and it was way cool! And afterwards President said he wanted to have an interview with me and Aramayo. So today we had the interview and President asked me to tell him everything. He said it was right what I did even though it was really hard. For right now he is still my companion, but I might switch until the end of the transfer, I dont know yet! But Im very grateful for him.
So that was my week!! I love you all so much!! You are awesome and Im very grateful for all of you! Thanks for everything!!! Sorry I cant sedn picutres this week the computer isnt recognizing my flashdrive.. .Dang Brasil... Haha Tchau!

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