Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9th, 2013

Hello everybody so its that time of the month again!!! Thats right, transfers!!! Haha I will be sticking in Fragata for a little bit more, which means I will spend Christmas in this area!! Yeah!!! So also, send me the name of your skype and whatnot and I will skype you guys on Christmas! So Im pretty excited about that! Also, my package got released from captivity from the mail pirates, so it should be coming to Pelotas soon.
Anyways so this week I did a few emergency divisions with some other missionaries! As would be expected, Elder Aramayo wasnt super happy that I talked to President, so he decided to get all mad at me. So I went on splits with the zone leaders and another missionary, Elder Paz the day after. It was actually really really good. I felt the Spirit and I felt more like a missionary. Lately, its been hard to feel like a missionary with the other missioanries around me doing un missionary like things, but when I was on splits I felt so good. It was like a refresher!
Um so this week our lunch appointment fell so we had to cook in our house... And I made some freakin awesome Tacos!!! I even made the tortilhas from scratch!! Pretty awesome right!! I made guacamole, aand like everything! It was so good! It made me miss Arizona a little bit, but its all good!
Connor I am so happy that you are participating in the missioanry work!!! Thats so so awesome!!! Its alot of fun huh!!! Its so much better when the members are involved and helping! Keep up the good work buddy!!!
And yeah, as for people that we are teaching, we found alot of people taht seemed so so awesome during the first lesson, that ended up running away and hiding from us! Its actually kinda funny sometimes. But lets face it, Im a pretty scary guy!
But one thing that s really cool. In the beginning of the transfer I talked to a lady on the street named Fortunata. She gave her adress, but she lives in the middle nof nowhere and so it was hard to visit her! But this week we ended up getting a chance to go there and she said that she was waiting for us for a long time! So im pretty excited to start teaching Fortunata! But yeah!!
Anyways thats about it for my week! I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!!! And Im sorry, I have pictures again but once again this computer doesnt send pictures.... oh Brasil. Ha, I love you all!

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