Tuesday, December 17, 2013

November 25th, 2013

Hello my wonderful family!! So this week being the week of thanksgiving, I would like to write how thankful I am that I am a family that supports me so well! Lots of missionaries dont have supportive families, or they are the only members in their family, but I am so grateful that all of you are supporting me and still showing so much love. I am also so grateful for the scriptures! I am learning so much adn feeling the spirit so strongly! And I am thankful for my mission, because I feel like Im growing up alot, and yeah! Im just thankful for so much!! But mom, for the thanksgiving rolls, you can put I am thankful for a supportive family that helps me with anything I need.
Anyways, this week was a good week! We are teaching this elderly woman named Nelsa, and she is super cool! She is pretty old, but recieves the messages well! We taught her the restoration and showed her an image of the first vision! She said that she had a dream one time of the exact same image!! Pretty cool huh? So we invited her to come to church and she said she wouldnt make any promises, which normally means no. But this Sunday she came all on her own! It was awesome! It takes alot of courage to jsut go to a new church alone, so I was super happy about that!
This week I ate sugar cane for the first time! It was really good haha! It looks like bamboo, but you eat the inside and chew it, and this sugary juice comes out of the sugar cane! It was super super good haha! So yeah!!
But yeah. Also, Im so grateful to have recieved a firm testimony about this gospel. Yesterday we were teaching this man Eduardo, and he knows alot about scientific stuff and whatnot, and pretty much ended up telling me that my testimony and answer to my prayers were all in my head. Yeah so naturally, I didnt get to happy when he said that, but I was so happy to be able to say that I know for sure that it was true. And as I said that I felt in my heart again, that it was true. I am so grateful for that too:)
But yeah! Carson, sorry to hear about your finger!!! But Im sure you are lovin the atention from the ladies... HAHAHA just kidding. Dad sorry to hear about your ribs. Hope you feel better soon! I will probably send your Christmas presents this week! I hope you like them! And mom I dont have a picture of me and him on my camera... Im sorryyyy.... 

 Me with a sugar cane!!

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