Monday, February 24, 2014

February 17th, 2014

Hell oeverybody so this week was really great! We have been working really hard, and its been great! But first of all to respond to some of your emails: Jonathan and Natalie! I am so happy that you guys are having so much sucess!!! Jonathan good luck with the band, I am super happy for you! Living the dream. And Natalie too! Congrats! I am very happy for you both! Carson good luck with the baseball tryouts, you will do great! Just be confident! Remember that its a game, and that you are a very good player! Just have fun, relax and play the game! Dad good luck with the last week of training! And Mom, I love you! I loved the picture of Taco, I love when you guys send me stuff like that... I definately caught myself saying WUDDA DAYYY WUDDA DAYYYYYY... Jonathan understands that one... 

Anyways about my week! This week was super awesome and we were able to teach alot of people. I dont have time to write about every single person that we teach, and can only include the big things that happened, but we have been teaching alot! We have been continuing with a family of Valdo, Diego, and Izamara! This week we went to their house and we taught about the plan of salvation, and when I was teaching I have been really trying to bear a firm testimony, becasue now that I can speak well, I want to be able to use different words and expressions and stuff like that. And it was really awesome during this lesson! They really liked it, and they promised that they would go to church this week. I love that lesson because it shows us the purpose of why its important to do whats right. SO that was cool! Yesterday we were waiting for them at church and they showed up and I just got so happy when I saw them both coming!! I was so happy!! And they loved the church and so I am just so happy to keep teaching them! I am sad though because transfers are coming up and so I might be leaving soon. They are on March 4th

This week we have knocking on alot of doors, in the Guabiroba still, and it hasnt been workig as well. We ahve been finding people, but nobody solid that is super interested. The sad thing is that there are so many people that say, "I cant listen to you because my Pastor says we cant" and its so sad because we honestly dont and shouldnt force anybody to do anything. We just invite people to read the Book of Mormon and ask if its true. Whats sad is that many people dont want to experiment and try. 

This weeek some funny stuff happened. We were knocking on doors, and a lady opened up the door and I thought it was a man and said "Olá amigooooo" but it was a lady and I should have said, "Olá Senhora... " And so yeah... Haha didnt go so well... But I was definately not sure... Not my fault. Then on the same day I went to ring a doorbell, and it was broken and shocked me and I liked jumped back saying a bunch of words in English and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy! Haha so that was pretty funnny too. And a cockroach tried to attack me. I was in the bathroom gettin myself ready to use the bathroom and a cockroach came flying at me and I screamed, and ran out of the bathroom haha... Its one of those things that you gotta be there to understand how funny it was. But yeah!

And this is a picture of a family night that we did with a two members Dara and Elisangela and their mom that isnt a member! It was really cool, and I think her mom liked it! Anyways, thats about all for now! I love you so much have a great week!!!

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