Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 3rd, 2014

So hello everybody happy febuary and Happy Birthday Mom!!! I hope you have a great birthday, and I hope the brothers treat you well! I sent you a letter but sadly the mail pirates of Brasil went on strike again so I dont know when it will get there! But I did send something!!!:) Connor I hope you are feeling okay, that is pretty scary... I hope you are okay bud. But yeah, I miss you guys, but I pray for you all every night!

So this week was very good and it started with a change of my atitude. I have always had a pretty good atitude about serving, but recently its been very hard to keep myself up when there is so much stuff going on. But I decided to remember to love the people, even the ones that reject us, and it made a huge difference in this week. I just felt so much happier this week!

So as you know its been pretty hard to find new investigators so I came up with an idea that really helped! We have an area in our area called the Guabiroba and its got a bunch of apartment complexes that dont have gates, so anybody can go in and yeah! So we decided to go and knock on every door of these complexes until we found people, andddddddd WE FOUND PEOPLE! Haha the day that we started we were walking and knocked every door of one of the buildings, like 30 doors, and on the last door at the very top was a family that had been taught by the sisters a long time ago! They told us that they had seen us the same day and remembered the sisters, and then we knocked on their door later that day! It was very cool! And yesterday too we did the same thing, but this time it was the very first door, and a man Felipe opened the door, and let us in! He understood the lesson and was very humble, he said " I have already been baptized, but if I get an answer that I need to again, I will be baptized" It was very cool!

So yeah I think this week was a blessing for my better atitude! Um yesterday there was a very awesome storm that came out of nowhere and was very cool! I took pictures of it because it was so cool! And so yeah! Sorry if I dont have a ton of pictures to send. I dont really like carrying my camera with me in this area, but I do try when I have the chance! I love you all so much and hope you are doing well!!! Also, I reached my goal of 90 kilos this week, because I had gotten kinda chubby and had 94 two transfers ago....

But I love you all so much! Be safe! I am thinking about you all! And this is my spain shirt that I bought with my coins taht I have been saving up! I have a can that I use to put my change in, and it adds up pretty quick and I saw this shirt that is official for super cheapppp! So I bought it with my coins.... :)

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