Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27th, 2014

Hello everybody! So this week was a very good week, with alot of hard work! Me and Elder Mendes are really really trying our best here in this area, and we are seeing some cool things happen but we are kinda without much support from the ward so the work is progressing, just slowly. We dont get much references so we end up doing contacts on the road and knocking on doors all day long. Its pretty uneffective, and the apostolos say its uneffective, but we dont really have any other choice with this ward. 

So this week was also super hot! On thursday I think I overheated and like wasnt feeling super good, and we went home and I had a super super huge fever. Like it was rough! I asked for a blessing and I started feeling better, and the next day I was fine and ready to work again! Im so grateful for the power of the priesthood! It was pretty awesome, because I didnt lose a day of work because I was sick. So far even though I have gotten sick a few times, I havent lost a day of work because of being sick, so Im very blessed and happy for that!

This week was interviews with President Castro! It was so so good! He shared a scripture about how we need to be sanctified, and deliver our hearts to God, and do his will istead of ours. Theres alot of things that seem "different" for us normal people, that we have to do because we have faith in God, and because we want to do Gods will. It was very awesome the interview, and he also said that he thinks Im ready to start having more responsabilities and whatnot. So it should be pretty exciting!

So yesterday was stake conference and we slept over at another misisonaries apartment because the stake center is pretty far from ours, and so I made Jamba juice for everybody, it was pretty awesome actually. Man I miss my Jamba!

And yesterday we were walking on the road and we saw one of our investigators waiting for the other bus with some other ladies, and when she saw us she tried to hide behind a lady that was smaller then her! Of course me and Elder Mendes had to go up and talk to her and yeah.... ha it was pretty funny. She is like 60 years old and trying to hide from us, but we are always so nice to her when we talk to her at her home. So that kinda stunk, but then the same night we found two awesome people who are very interested, André and Jonaina. They asked questions and it was a very spiritual lesson. They are very busy but we are going to try to help them a bunch!

So that was my week! Im sorry if I dont answer specific questions, its pretty hard to remember them all, but I do try! I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week!!!

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