Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13th, 2014

So this week was a good week, but on the misison, there are always the ups and downs. But this week was good with the work. We worked a bunch a bunch and so it always gets better with hard work.

The thing that was hard was that Jovelina ended up noit being baptized. She told us on Friday that she had some stomach problems, and wanted to reschedule for next week. She told us that she would come to church and everything and so yesterday we waited for her and called her and she didnt answer and so we got a little worried. At night we called her and she said she didnt want to be baptized anymore, she wanted to return the books, and doesnt even want to meet with us anymore... Yeah it was rough. We think that maybe she was a spy that the other churches use to find out about ours. Its sounds crazy, but its happened before, and the other churches here in the area literally fight against ours... Either that or somebody just said a bunch of stuff to her thats not true about our church to her... Either way Satan is definately fighting against us. So yeah that was kinda a bummer. I was so happy with her, it was a pretty big let down, but I just have to remember that its not my job to make the choice for them, its my job to give them the chance to follow This gospel.

Haha but something funy happened in church yesterday... Remember when I said that Claudio and Marcelo where talking about vampires and portals and whatnot... Yesterday they had some "Things" happen in their house... and they arrived at church telling everybody that a demon escaped the portal that is in their house.... yeah it was pretty funny. We went to their house to dedicate it and we... cleared up a few doctrinal points and now they understand a little better. Haha but it was kinda funny!

But yeah, yesterday the teacher for one of the classes didnt show up and so I gave a class without any preperation... yeah it was cool taht I can do that in Portugues now! Haha just thought I would throw that in there...

Carson hasppy birthday buddy! I hope it was a great day!!! Keep being such a stud!

And Dad I am so happy you are okay and that you werent hurt in that plane thing... Be safe and remember... may the force be with you... always...

Claudio quoted that line from star wars and it made me so happy... Que a força esteja contigo... sempre....

Anyways I love you all!! Have a great week!!!!

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