Monday, January 13, 2014

December 30th, 2013

Hello my wonderful famioly! So it was very awesome to see you all! I loved talking to you all! Sorry for my inability to speak English.... I had a pretty difficult time with it!!! But yeah.... But it was so awesome I hope you had a very merry chirstmas! After talking to you, we went into the members backyard and they had a churrasceira to make churrasco, and so I grilled some cow ribs and some other meats. Lets just say it was pretty good for an american churrasco! It turned out awesome!

So yeah that was awesome, and then on thursday we started working again and we met with Jovelina and Claudio and Marcelo to finalize everything for their baptisms! Jovelina might not be baptized this Saturday because to be baptized you have to go to church at least twice, and she ended up not going yesterday because she got sick. But we are going to call President and see if we still can on Saturday because she really really wants to!

So Saturday was the baptism of Claudio and Marcelo and it went awesome!!!! I baptized Claudio (the older one) and Elder Mendes baptized Marcelo (his son)! The service was small, but special and I think they liked it alot! I sure hope so! One thing that President Castro is doing is giving the misisoanries special invitations to invite the friends of Claudio and Marcelo, and so we went and delivered invitaions to one of their friends that doesnt believe in God and it was pretty sad. I am so grateful for the knowledge that God exists and that he loves us. One thing I told him is that if God didnt exist, happiness would not exist and so the very fact that we feel good when we choose the right is a proof that god exists. So that was awesome.

And then on Sautrday night we decided to go to dinner to celebrate and we went to a pizza buffet. The other Elders challenged me to eat 30 pieces and so naturally I accepted. I almost died after.... but I am proud to say that I survived and beat the challenge. But yeah! So that was my week! I love you all so much! Hasve a great safe new year! I love you all so much!! Tchau!

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