Monday, January 13, 2014

December 23rd, 2013

Hello family!!! So this past wek was wonderful, but I a so excited for this week too! Its pratcally Christmas!!!! I remember thinking that Christmas would never arrive, but it snuck up on me! The time pases so fast! Its crazy that just about one more year and Ill be coming home. Ive heard from a few people that my group will be going home next January instead of Febuary, so I have just about one more year left! Crazy right?! I am so excited to talk to all of you! But one thing, the presidency of the area Brasil decided this year that the missionaries shouldnt talk for more then 40 minutes, which is what the rule normally was, but the just made it more official.... so that was kind of a bummer... it will be a test of my faith to follow the leaders of the church... but yeah! So if you have any questions in specific, write them down to ask me on Christmas!

This week we had our Christmas conference with President Castro, and it was very very cool! I loved it! I always love hearing president Castro, but I saw that photo that you sent that says we love you Hunter! It made me so happy! And so now I have that picture on my desk! Also I got the Christmas package!!! I put up the tree and put the presents under it and everything! I am very excited to see what I got! Thank you so much:) One other thing... you didnt happen to send shoes with my package?... my shoes are very.... dilapidated....

Anyways this week was awesome too becuase we taught Claudio and Marcelo more and more and they are very excited for the baptism on Saturday!!! They told us yesterday something interesting that they hadnt told us before. They told us that one day during their spiritual meditation (yes they meditate) they both felt the impression to visit the church and thats when they decided to start attending the church! Pretty neat huh?

Also Jovelina is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So she is the lady that talked to us on the road and said that she wanted to be baptized and everything from last weeks email. So we started meeting with her this week, and she said that she was thinking about visiting the church on her own last week, but she was nervous last Sunday. So she was just waiting on the sidewalk trying to get the courage to go in when we walked by. And thats when she talked to us and whatnot! Very awesome! We taught her in the chapel this week and showed her the baptismal font and she is super excited for her baptism that will be on the 4th of January! Such a miracle!! She is so awesome and I am so happy for her, taking the courage to try something new and to see if its really what she wants!

So last PDay me and Elder Mendes found awesome soccor jerseys of the team Corinthians from São Paulo that were on sale from 200 reais for 50 reais, so we ended up buying them because it like is super rare to find that! I am officially a corintiano! Vai corintia! Haha but I think thats just about it for this week! I WILL BE CALLING TODAY AT LIKE 6 my time to test the Skype (President said we could) So be ready brothers!!

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