Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th, 2014

So this week was amazing!!! I had some very cool experiences!!! I really gained a testimony that the Lord is preparing our path every day. Butttttt first of all mom those pictures from Mexico are so cool! You must of had a.... BLAST (pun intended... because there was a whale... blasting off water.... I am funny....right?.....) I hope you had fun! Carson congratulations on your tryouts!! I knew that you would do well!!! Congrats man! And Dad congrats on finishing your training and good luck on your simulator thing!!! You will do great!

So yeah this week has been a great week of work! So this week like I said I really learned that the Lord is preparing our path because of three experiences that happpened this week. The first one happened on tuesday with a lady named Maria da Graça and her daughter Camila. We kncoked on their door and started to teach them about the restoration and the book of Mormon and that the knowledge of it being true or not could give them direction. And then Camila and Maria started to cry. We asked why and she said because the night before Camila said, "Im going to change my life and find direction and find a church." And then the next day we knocked on the door! It was such a great experience!

And then the day after we went and we were knocking on doors and a lady named Lena opened the door. Initially she didnt want to open the door, and started making an excuse and then, opened the door! I was confused because she was making an excuse and then stopped and opened the door for us, so we went in and started talking and teaching and then towards the end of the lesson she said that she didnt want to let us in, but then felt something tell her she should. And she said that the night before she had the thought come into her head, "I need to start going to a church" And then the day after we knocked on the door!!!

AND THEN the day after we were knocking on doors and started talking to a lady named Ení, who we started teachign and she said she was catholic but never goes to church. After the lesson she said that the night before she started to think and she knew she needed to start going to a church again but didnt know which one, And then the next day.... WE KNOCKED ON HER DOOR! 

Three days in a row these miracles happened and I feel like it was suh a blessing because I have had some doubts about if the Lord literally is preaparing my path as a missionary, and this week I gained that testimony that he is. It was great. 

For right now we dont have any batismal dates! We marked a few goals with some people, but we are helping them be more prepared. For baptsim the people that are closest are Valdo And Izamar who are loving every message, and told us this week that by a miracle they both stopped smoking and stopped drinking along time ago! But they still dont feel ready, so we are helping them prepare. But it will probably be after I leave because transfers are March 4th. But I am so happy to be teachign them too. 

Friday night we have dinner with Dara Elisangela and Maria, a family that is super awesome. They made us dinner to celebrate one year even though its this week! And then after on Saturday we did a service project for them and my hands have like a million blisters... but it was cool!

But yeah that was my week! It was super awesome and I love being a missonary! Happy one year to me this wekk! Crazy... it went by so fast... one more to go! I love you all!!!

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